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Art_GradBknd_150I am both proud and humbled to serve the world’s most successful health and fitness professionals.  They include club owners, studio owners, independent trainers, coaches and medical practitioners.  And, that they have chosen us to help build their brands.

But, even more importantly, for more than 25 years, they’ve maintained the confidence in our products to apply their own brands  — and call them their own!  I am forever grateful.




“I’ve been a customer of Art’s since I first began my career as a part-time personal trainer in 2001. I can remember calling Art up on the phone, having great conversations about my business, Art sharing his words of wisdom and experience, and purchasing batches of journals for my clients.

12 years later, I’m honored to say I still know Art, I still enjoy calling him on the phone and having great conversations about the business of fitness, and I consider him to be an outstanding leader in the fitness industry today.

There aren’t many people I know who’ve been consistent in their dedication to purpose and supporting entrepreneurs in the fitness industry for over a decade. Art is one of those rare people.

I highly recommend not only becoming his customer, but I encourage you to give him a call and meet a new friend. You’ll be glad you did.”

Sean Greeley
Net Profit Explosion



BodyElilte“I feel very privileged to have such amazing products available to help me in my journey.  And, more importantly knowing that, you, too, have the same drive and passion as I do of helping people — by doing the right thing.

You’re an amazing and caring person!  Thanks again, Art.”

Jeremy Smith
Body Elite Systems



“I absolutely LOVE these supplements!!  Results almost immediately!  I am completely impressed.  Thank you so much, I will be sharing testimonials for sure!

You are the best!! What’s next!”

Michele Jamison
Nutrition, Fitness, & Healthy Lifestyle Mentor