Free Assessment Form for Your MAP System

…   (or Your Own Program)

Over the years, lots of trainers, educators, and perhaps you, have presented Weight-Management workshops for audiences of 25-100 people.

Some, like Janice Noble, have more than 400 in attendance!  At the end of their presentations, they typically have a sign-up sheet to capture emails, addresses and other follow-up information.

But the other day, two people asked us for a complete  MAP SYSTEM Questionnaire – the same as the 8 set-up screens for Client Initiation for the system.
This way, they can input the client data before they even meet the client for the very first time.
Plus, the client is “blown away”that their profile has already been created on the computer system.While this form is designed for the MAP System, you could use it for almost any program.
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P.S. Big thanks to Owen Schroeder and Janice Noble for this suggestion.  CLICK HERE…
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