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Daily Journal Mini-Poster

Today’s elite trainers, clubs and medical professionals educate and empower their clients toward health, fitness and lifestyle success with the Daily Exercise & Nutrition Journal!

PLUS…. it’s an instant profit generator for…

  • Value-Added Memberships
  • Personal Training / Weight Management Packages
  • Fitness Contests and Promotions
  • Pro Shop Sales

The 8-Week and 12-Week Daily Journal allows a user to track his or her nutrition intake and exercise program in the same journal. It also provides educational information with charts, graphs and food exchanges.


 Seminar Presentation Mini-Poster

Most fitness facilities do NOT offer weight-management seminars or presentations, either. Many don’t offer weight-management programming at all. And for most, it’s an after-thought. They just add it to their list of services (like kid care) but, that’s it. WHAT A MISSED OPPORTUNITY and an EPIC FAIL!

It is absolutely amazing that while the research clearly points to what the public wants (consumer demand), our industry doesn’t leverage the opportunity. This is EXACTLY WHY YOU SHOULD!


 BootCamp Mini-Poster

Listen to this! Lou Ann Spencer operates a Super Body Boot Camp.

Talk about the “real deal!”

I couldn’t believe it when I first heard about this, but when she called for more Journals… I asked a few questions. I wonder how many other Boot Camps operate like this.



Here’s what she demands of her recruits EVERY DAY!

  • Every morning the recruits have to line up and display their daily journal. She goes through each journal making sure that each recruit wrote down the prior day’s boot camp routine. Next, she checks to see what they ate yesterday. Get this… if it’s not filled out, it’s “Get down and give me 10!” (push-ups).

  • This one is even more interesting. Upon enrollment, each recruit is required to purchase from her (at dead cost) a little Igloo snack container. ($35.– less on eBay) Recruits are required to open their containers for inspection. Inside should be the day’s healthy snacks (fruits, raw veggies, naturally sweetened drinks, water, etc.) No snack in the box? You guessed it… “Get down and give me 10!” Plus, Lou Ann admits she “picks-on” those recruits who are non-compliant.

O.K. Sounds kind of rough… right?

Lou Ann has an 80% retention rate. For a boot camp, that means as soon as the boot camp is over, 8 out of 10 recruits sign-up for the next one! That’s Huge! Plus, her referrals are through the roof.

She tells me that she understands she’s changing peoples’ lifestyle habits and strictly enforcing the new rules until they become accustomed to their “New Pattern” of eating healthy snacks and holding themselves accountable.

She thinks the secret to her retention is due to her clients actually wanting someone to force them into the new behavior. As she coins a nickname for her camp, “It’s sort of a tough love boot camp!”

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