Volume Fitness Sales


I recently received a phone call from a club owner in Alabama.  


Even though she hadn’t yet received our narration script for “Finally… the Truth About Weight-Management,” she had already viewed the first two videos from 21-Day Seminar Blueprint and committed to hold a “Weight-Loss Seminar” in her 20,000 sq.ft. multi-purpose club.


Then, rather than second-guessing anything, she decided to follow the steps as presented in Video #2 exactly as they are detailed.


I mean she did EVERYTHING! – and starting 21 days out, she and her staff just implemented “the plan” and promoted like crazy!  As a result, 235 people attended her seminar. Part of the audience included the local newspaper editor and the chief of police (as her personal guests).


The staff was set-up and ready to close deals and accept payment.  They enrolled 167 people into their “Body-Life Transformation” Program.   They generated more than $40,000 in ONE NIGHT! 


BAM!  That’s not EFT.  That’s not a bunch of 30-day receivables.  That’s cold, hard “cash money” they put in the bank!


Listen, some of the BIGGEST and BEST CLUBS in the WORLD would kill for these numbers…. 167 people in one night!!!   More than $40K in ONE NIGHT..!!

Volume Sales

So, think about this.  Most clubs, studios, trainers, online coaches and other health professionals almost always sign-up new members and clients one-at-a-time, right?


Why is this? 


I’ll tell you why.  Because that’s the way they’ve ALWAYS DONE IT!  That’s it. Really!


Most of us simply don’t think in terms of “VOLUME SALES.”   And, it’s not just fitness professionals.  Lawyers, doctors, accountants and other service-based professionals do the same thing.  But, in truth, not everyone needs those types of services.


But Weight-Management?  Almost everyone has some interest in how to manage

  • Their Weight
  • Their Bodies
  • Their Health




So, please believe me when I tell you this:


And, if you provide group training, then, you already have an idea of how to operate and administer groups of people… as in VOLUME!

The Break Out Challenge…

Thousands of clubs, studios, trainers, online coaches and other health professionals all compete for the same dollars making all kinds of promises.  Making all kinds of “low-ball” membership deals.  Basically, all doing the same things.


This is your chance to BREAK OUT from the herd.  To do something DIFFERENT.  To offer something of real VALUE.   I challenge YOU to CHALLENGE YOURSELF… to BREAKOUT of your NORMAL.


If you start planning RIGHT NOW to give a “kick-ass” seminar next month….and really COMMIT to turning it into an EVENT… you will generate more sales, more cash, more long term members and clients in ONE NIGHT.. than your competitors will get in 3 to 6 months!


I so look forward to hearing about YOUR SUCCESSES.

Here’s the Most Powerful Welcome Letter Ever Written… for YOUR NEW CLIENTS!