One Sentence Generates $10,000


sentence(The $10K sentence comes later),  but, the above quote does describe a whole bunch of our customers — like you —  who live and breathe a healthy fit lifestyle and have chosen to help others do the same.

I am so proud to be associated with fitness professionals like 22-year old Jamie Wilcox and 62-year old Winnie Carrigan who both presented the powerpoint presentation, “Finally the Truth About Weight-Management” to huge audiences… (Jamie presented to 130 at his club and Winnie to over 400 executives at a corporate wellness retreat).

They generated tens of thousands of dollars for their businesses — but even more importantly, they put hundreds of people on the right path toward healthy living.  All, by simply telling them the TRUTH!


More Success…

Robbie Kilgore runs a 3-person studio in TN.   He and his partners also presented the Powerpoint Slide show, “Finally the Truth About Weight-Management” to an audience of 27 non-clients at a family medical practice.

They enrolled 15 new clients into multiple session / weight-management packages for a total of $7,130 (all in one night!) and also two doctors for marathon training.


Lisa Garcia received a small grant ($500) from her daughter’s elementary school PTA for her lecture series called “Do It For the Kids.”  Her regular bootcamp, in-home training and health coaching business is going through the roof with the parents who are attending the series.  Remember the old saying, “Ya gotta give to get.”


Nancy Bigelow, Chad Rice, Stephen Henri and Lori Paieso are just 4 studio owners who have made the ONBOARD 101 and Daily Journals a mandatory part of their programs.  It’s not even an option! 

When confronted by a client who wanted to use MyFitnessPal for tracking, Lori simply said, “No.”  But then, followed it up with this:

“If you don’t achieve the results we agree on after using the Daily Journal, I will refund the $25 cost and give you two free one-on-one personal training sessions.” 

It wasn’t even close.  Not only did her client achieve her goals, but she took the MyFitnessPal app off her iPhone.

The One Sentence

I can’t go into much detail for all the usual reasons, but there is a “Natural Living” guru in Australia who has quite a following.  In fact, his email list is over 20,000 people world-wide (active).  He offers all kinds of books, DVDs, natural supplements, herbal formulas, skin care formulas, etc.

Last October he purchased the ONBOARD 101 PLUS package.  He spent a lot of time learning how it all works and then bundled other products with it to create packages he could sell to his audience.

Then, he asked me if I would join him on a webinar.  I agreed.  It was set-up as an interview format where he would introduce the ONBOARD 101 website and acknowledge me as the creator and special guest.

The way his webinar software was set-up, I was able to monitor everything including the number of attendees, text questions and even sales.

Toward the end of the interview he asked me this, ” Art, what do you think is the #1 reason people fail at weight-loss?”

(THIS IS THE SENTENCE) —  I responded:  “The sad truth is that most people know more about how their mobile devices operate than how their bodies function  –  and that’s exactly why they fail.”

Well, as I was responding there was a “Buy Now” button being displayed on all of the attendees computer screens to purchase the ONBOARD 101 membership for $97.

Within 3 minutes 117 people purchased his membership.   That’s $11,349 dollars in just 3 minutes! ($9,118 in U.S. Dollars).

I don’t know the final tally because my part was over and I had to drop-out of the webinar.

But, I was blown away by what I witnessed!

Why Am I Telling You This..?

Here’s why.

Lately, it seems that all the fitness marketing experts are hawking the importance of having systems and strategies and tactics and a PLAN with goals and benchmarks and…..

Well… you know the drill.

And, I don’t disagree with any of it.  I preach that sermon, myself.

But, equally important to all entrepreneurs is the DREAM.

Go back to the top of the post and read that quote again.  It’s the perfect quote for most fitness entrepreneurs.  “…. with their heads in the clouds and their feet on the ground.”

Ten years ago, this Australian “Natural Living” guru was a personal trainer.  But he had a dream.  And, now that dream is a freakin’ empire.  And, I just got to witness it in action … in real time!

Dream Big!

Every day you should take a little time to visit your dream.  To see it. To feel it.  Close your eyes and “live in it” for a few brief moments.

Listen, the fitness business is going through some huge changes — and it’s all positive.  There’s never been a better time to own a health oriented business.  So, dream big.  Dream HUGE…!

It’s all out there waiting for you!

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