102 Positive Motivations



Download these Positive Quotes for Your Clients!

What will you do with these quotes?

Well, for starters, one of our ONBOARD-101 administrators took 84 quotes and put them into his email autoresponder


Then, every time someone signed up for his ONBOARD-101 COURSE he entered the name into his autoresponder which sent the new client a POSITIVE AFFIRMATION every day for 12 weeks. 


This is such a great way for your business and brand to “touch” the client everyday… automatically.


Of course, you should probably add you own sincere verbiage to these quotes so it doesn’t appear so automated.  But you get the idea.


Some people post “Daily Affirmations” on FaceBook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  Or you could post one a day on your own website or blog.  People need to hear these things over and over… especially as they attempt to change their lifestyles toward healthy choices.


BluntDownloadI put this document on a web page in both .pdf and in a Word Document so you can download, copy and paste.


Positive Quotes