Your #1 ROI


Please excuse me for yelling…..  but:  “Outreach… OutreachOUTREACH….! 

I know it’s not proper web etiquette to yell, but you’ll know why in a minute. Committing to “outreach” whether it’s a single event or an entire programOUTREACH is the absolute best….  let me repeat: ABSOLUTE BEST return on your advertising and marketing dollar.O.K., so let’s define “outreach.” 

It can be as simple as a single public speaking event at a company, school, church, apartment complex, community group, etc., or an elaborate plan including speaking, media relations, web and e-mail promotions, direct mail, etc.

So why do I bring this up again?  Because just last week I had a consulting call with Jeffery.  For the last two months he’s complained about his lack of business, the bad economy, “slow season” (summer months) and a host of other negative issues… which is why he retained me in the first place. But this time, well… he drained me.

We’ve had three hour-long sessions where I’ve not only given him a strategy and tactics, but spent considerable time (off the clock) attempting to pump him up.

But, he continues to find excuses for why he can’t accomplish any of the tactics we’ve outlined and agreed upon (I’ll bet you have clients like this… right?)  They just suck the energy right out of you…!   I guess this is the point where I probably need to fire the client… right?

O.K. , back to Outreach and its priority in the marketing matrix.

Let’s start simple:  Public Speaking.   

Consider just these 3 points.

  • High Closing Rates:  Most trainers who speak on weight-management typically sign-up 50-60% of the audience to whom they’re presenting.  The good ones get 80%
  • No Competition:  Commercial Weight-loss centers, price-point clubs, low-ball Franchises, etc. don’t dare public speak… primarily because they don’t know what the hell they’re even talking about when it comes to basic physiology, nutrition and physical activity.  Therefore, you have the “Fitness” and “Credible Weight-Management” public speaking market to yourself.  Leverage it!
  • Additional Revenue:  Most don’t think about this, BUT…. have you ever noticed how the richest, most successful people in the world all public speak?  Bill Gates delivers keynote addresses.  So does Warren BuffetSteve Jobs did, too, almost right up to his passing. I’ve been in the business 25 years and seen dozens of trainers actually change careers because they became such effective public speakers and presenters (most went into motivational speaking).  Further, even on the local level, your public speaking could earn some extra revenue if you charge for your presentations.  After all, you, as a fitness professional, have the keys to what so many people want – the pathway to health, longevity, weight-management, energy, better sleep….

The Keys to YOUR Success

So, there you are. 

  • The keys to success. 
  • The #1 path to more clients. 
  • The #1 path to higher revenues. 

It’s right there.

O.K., I know you may have your own marketing consultant or guru who might have other strategies and tactics.  And quite often it’s an upsell into a funnel marketing program, direct mail program, groupon, craigslist, lead boxes, email newsletters, etc.  

And, all of those tactics have their place. 

But, listen.  I’m not trying to upsell you into anything.  I simply want you to succeed.  Period. 

From being in this business for more than 25 years, I can assure you with absolute confidence that nothing generates health and fitness sales better than public speaking.

And, I’m pretty sure you already know this to be true… right? 

It’s like the weight-management client who knows the correct path is to eat right and exercise… but chooses the “starvation” protocol because it seems easier.  Only to fail… over and over again.

Many clubs, studios and trainers choose all kinds of “easier” strategies and tactics to increase revenue.  And, then wonder why their sales are plummeting.

The First Step

And just like the weight-management client… the hardest part is taking that first step and making a commitment to public speak.

Of course, I think the most popular topic is weight-management since it’s the #1 reason people join a club or hire a trainer. 

And, whether it’s a “lunch & learn” presentation, a health fair or part of a meeting… here’s a list of audiences who would welcome you:

  • Local companies, businesses
  • Schools, PTA, High School sports teams
  • Churches and other places of worship
  • Community and Business Organizations and Clubs
  • Apartment and Condo Complexes with Recreation Rooms
  • Gated Communities
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Police and Fire Depts. (+ spouses)
  • Municipal Departments ie: Water, Gas, Electric, Public Works, Transit, etc.
  • Hospitals and Medical Facilities

So, now, it’s all about taking  action.

OUTREACH!  (Oops… there I go yelling again!)