The Unweb Mother


Yes, yes… I continue to advocate for building your online business.   It’s the future for all health and fitness professionals.


But, then, there is always the exception to the rule. In this case, I call her the “UnWeb Mother.”


Her real name is Marjorie (Maggie) Walters. 


The Back Story


She’s a wife, a mom and a premier health coach who pulls down 6-figures a year. 


And, she doesn’t even have a website.


I met her 25 years ago as a new client at my Weight-Management Consulting firm in Newport Beach, CA.   At that time, she was 22 years old, over 35% body-fat, depressed and had yo-yo dieted for the last time.


She had always been “heavy” even as a child due to a sedentary family lifestyle and poor eating habits.  


She had withstood the school yard nicknames “Large Marge” — and even worse, “Marge the Barge.”  Kids are so freakin’ cruel!


And with such low self-esteem she never even applied for college.  Instead, settled into a 9-5 secretarial job.


One Last Shot


One day Maggie woke up and decided she was going to do something about her health, looks, mindset, job… EVERYTHING. 


She was either going to lose weight via our company or she was headed for liposuction.


We were her last resort.

  • We worked with her using the MAP SYSTEM to help plan her nutrition and she followed it religiously. 
  • We set her up with a personal trainer who trained her twice a week for the first year and once a week the second. 
  • On her own, she worked out six days a week and used her day off to “food-prep” for the upcoming week.


As it turned out, she was extremely motivated and dedicated. 


Within two years, Maggie lost over 100 pounds, but more importantly decreased her body-fat down to 20%. She became the picture of health and success.  Her entire life changed in ways she could not even imagine.


She was so inspired by her own success that she went on to get her ACE certifications and embarked on her own fitness career – helping people who were just like her … and she’s been at it for 23 years.


During her health and fitness journey/career she’s managed a big box club, owned her own studio, run a multi-location boot camp operation and served as a “contract” wellness director for a major corporation.


She also married the man of her dreams and had 3 beautiful children.  As she explains it, health and fitness have truly given her the “Cinderella Life!”


O.K., so, that’s her back story.  Here’s why I call her the “unweb mother.”


The New Journey


I recently caught up with Maggie.


Today, with no studio and no website she is an independent health & lifestyle consultant earning over $175,000 per year with almost no overhead.   And, she has a waiting list.


She doesn’t even have a website! Yet, she’s found the “secret sauce” of how to build and maintain a 6-figure income.  


Maggie shared these two Golden Nuggets of Wisdom


As you read them, just think about how these two nuggets might relate to you and your business:


Revelation #1:

“For years I attended trade shows and listened intently to the expert speakers absorbing everything they had to say.  

Then, one day, I realized that every single speaker had two things in common.  They were very successful (financially and professionally) and they were “public speaking!”


Revelation #2:

“My first studio was located in a strip mall next to a dry cleaner.  I became friends with the owner and one day we were discussing the effectiveness of the Groupon campaigns we were both running.  About midway through our discussion, I remember thinking to myself  —  ‘why am I marketing my business the same way as a dry cleaner?”


Action #1:

“I simply put two and two together.  The more I observed the most successful people in the fitness business the more I realized they were all pretty good public speakers. So, I decided to learn how to public speak. I joined Toastmasters International.  Learning how to public speak did more than increase my skill sets.   It changed my entire life.


Action #2:

“I thought about all the other businesses in my strip mall… the dry cleaner, the sandwich shop, H&R Block, Chinese restaurant, UPS store, etc.  and asked myself: ‘How many of these businesses could go out and deliver a presentation that would be of interest to the public?  The answer was none of them — except for mine.

Not just my strip mall neighbors, but lawyers, accountants, plumbers, manufacturers… few businesses are of as much interest to the public as health and weight-management.”   


Action #3:

“Learning to speak with confidence on a topic with so much public interest is a powerful combination.  It is also unique when compared to all other businesses.  At a certain point, I realized my journey into health and fitness was a GIFT.  A gift that is meant to be shared with the world.  I am blessed with this opportunity and decided to make the most of it.”


Leveraging Your Gift


And maximize it, she did.  Today, Maggie’s total marketing strategy is based on three things:

  • Public Speaking
  • Networking
  • Referral Requests


Today her business is primarily one-on-one, in-home private coaching.  Her packages are premium priced and she has a waiting list.


The Take Away…


Maggie’s journey is amazing.  And from it she discovered two golden nuggets that I hope you, as a health and fitness professional will take away from her experience. 


👉  UNDERSTAND YOUR GIFT – Most health and fitness professionals do not realize the gift they’ve been handed by choosing this profession.  It is the gift of empowerment. You have the keys of knowledge and empowerment for millions of people who simply don’t know how to overcome their obstacles and achieve what they really want in life. Unlike the dry cleaner, restaurant, etc., your business is literally life-changing.  It is special. 


👉  PUBLIC SPEAK – Part of your gift is the message, itself.  Most businesses do NOT have the luxury of a topic of such wide-spread interest.  People will travel for miles to hear your message of health and well-being.  But, they can NOT hear it if you don’t give them the opportunity to hear you SPEAK.



Maggie has carved out a six-figure income without any technology.  Just imagine what can be achieved with these two golden nuggets in combination with all the available technology and social media platforms.

It’s waiting for you!  CLICK HERE….