They Killed It…!

KilledItIf you’ve ever spoken to me,

…then, you know — I’m passionate about this business.  And, I’m even more passionate about credibility and doing things the right way!  —  So, get this….

Almost a year ago I donated 250 of the 8-week Daily Journals to a highly-respected research organization that was retained by a very popular fitness app company to track and identify the “USAGE BEHAVIORS” among consumers.

In return for the Daily Journals, I was promised the “top lines” (highlights) of the research.  Here’s the blog post I wrote about the preliminary findings:  CLICK HERE…

When FACTS Get In the Way….

Unfortunately, the research did not go their way at all.  A majority of “average consumers” abandon their fitness apps within 3 months.  So, what did they do with the research? THEY KILLED IT!

The research will never be published.

The TRUTH About Fitness Apps

So, the preliminary top lines revealed that apps are awesome for people who are already in good condition and are intensely interested in tracking metrics such as heart rates, distance, elevation and other bio-mechanics as well built-in coaching.

This video paints a good picture of the typical “APP USER.”

There are some other reasons for killing the research including declining sales, price wars, market saturation, customer support costs, etc.

But, Here’s the Real Point.

If you are a serious Fitness Professional or Health Coach, and have clients like the one portrayed in the above video… then, by all means get them wired into a good APP.  They will love it and it will take their training to a new level.  IT’S THE RIGHT TOOL FOR THE JOB.


If your clients and members are interested in Weight-Management and/or changing their Lifestyle Habits, (especially for de-conditioned, age 35+), then a hand-written journal will yield much better results and better adherence to all protocol.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a lined notebook from Staples — or one of our pre-designed Daily Journals.  IT’S THE RIGHT TOOL FOR THE JOB.

I won’t get into all the “weeds” about why… but it has to do with “imprinting” on the brain.

body –> mind –> connection. 

Writing things down is how new habits and behaviors are established.   It’s explained in more detail HERE….


O.K., so if you read this far… then let me tell you how excited I am about these results.

For years, I’ve been on the fence about creating a tracking app.  I’ve even spent over $3,000 in preliminary designs and “wire-frames” to sort out the specs and technology needed.

But, in my heart of hearts, I’ve always known that tapping on a screen full of radio buttons and check marks is NOT the same as writing it down.

I went to gyms and studios and NEVER actually saw people even using their mobile devices to track anything…. which means they were recording their activities long AFTER their actual workouts.

As much as I LOVE Technology… the current apps are NOT the right tool for the job.  Period.

People using hand-written logs typically write things down immediately after they perform the exercise – and that’s how it imprints on the brain (processing).

So… I’m feeling validated for “stickin’ to my guns” about doing things “right.”

I hope you do, too!