How to Leverage YOUR BRAND…!

Are YOU one of the  new breed of health and fitness marketers? 


Do you have the attention of all the “big boys.”


With websites, blogs, social media and a multitude of affordable distribution vehicles, it’s now easier than ever for small clubs, studios and independent trainers to PROJECT and IMPRINT their BRANDS on: 

  • Prospects
  • Existing members
  • Staff
  • Vendors
  • Business partners, etc.


In the past, high costs and large quantity requirements, kept this type of BRAND IMPRINTING exclusive to consumer mega brands like Coke, Apple, Ford, etc.


But, not any more!


Yes, the age of the MICRO-BRANDER is here to stay!  And, some of the best Micro-Branders are in the Fitness Business


No other business lends itself to the Micro-Brander like the fitness business.  


It is still a highly fragmented industry full of independent entrepreneurs who successfully market and compete against several big brands like Gold’s, Cross Fit, Orange Theory, 24 Hour, LA Fitness, Planet, Crunch, Anytime, etc.


With today’s technology even the smallest one-man start-up can imprint his or her BRAND as well as, if not better than, the multi-club chains and franchises.

Speed is the Micro-Brander’s Advantage


Beyond appearing more polished and professional, a Micro-Brander has two big advantages: speed and maneuverability.   It’s often the difference between them and their competitors.

Micro-Branders can execute 10-times more quickly than the big brands.  They can quickly create and implement mini-promotions and campaigns at the in-house, local and regional levels with promotions, coupons, special events, etc. tied-in with social media, email and websites... — Like in ONE DAY!

Successful Micro-Branders are like a “Rapid Response” Team.


HERE’S AN EXAMPLE:  Terri Levitt, owner of Levitt Fit (St. Paul, MN) received a phone call from a local company that offered her a free booth to fill a canceled vendor’s space at their Corporate Wellness Fair. 


Terri rearranged her appointments, grabbed her logo posters, business cards and laptop computer as well as her branded Daily Journals, Reference Manuals, Supplements — put on a branded polo… and was set-up and exhibiting her services within two hours! 


And, EVERYTHING in her booth said,LEVITT FIT!”   (She conducted body-comp evals resulting in numerous new clients and hundreds of email addresses)


Talk about creating a fantastic first impression!


The One-Man Brand


In comparing Micro-Branders to Mega-Branders… think of fast, maneuverable P.T. Boats in a sea of Super Tankers!  


And, they are “Brand Evangelists.” 


You might even say, relentless! 


Marketing-savvy fitness professionals project their brands everywhere including “hard goods” —  from car wraps and water bottles to apparel and supplements… their BRAND is on EVERYTHING!


Most marketing consultants never talk about this….  but, they should…

Here is My Advice to Become
a Successful Micro-Brander…

  • Imprint Everything – Add your logo wherever and whenever possible (outside signage, inside signage, posters, handouts, apparel, fitness products,  supplements, journals, skincare, tea, bars, waterbottles, etc).  Your goal is to own “mindshare” for all things “health and fitness!”


  • Stake Your Claim – Always, always, always take a “leadership” position.  Your brand and your brand products should be positioned as  SUPERIOR to all competition and competitive products.  Think: Ford Escort vs. Ferrari 458.


  • Change the Playing Field – Take a look at supplements. You can find National Brands all over the internet, GNC, Walmart as well as commission and multi-level programs.  With your own brand you OWN THE SPACE.  Your are NOT competing with other venues carrying and discounting the exact same brands you are trying to sell!  And, with your own brand, you receive the full mark-up instead of 15-25% commission.  And, besides, do you really want to be giving away your client information?


  • Create Loyalty – The most successful Micro-Branders create loyalty programs through punch cards (like at the car wash), referrals and special offerings via social media, web store, in-house promotions, etc.  These programs accomplish two things:  Increase brand awareness and generate additional profits.


  • Control Prices & Margins – Listen… with your own brand you CONTROL the PRICE and the MARGIN.  And, if you correctly position your brand as a leader or superior, then, you should ask for and receive a PREMIUM PRICEQuality products will always achieve higher profit margins.

Non-Tangible Benefits

Beyond the profits are several non-tangible benefits to building your brand.  First is the professionalism it projects.  When someone walks into your facility and sees branded merchandise, staff wearing branded polo shirts and other branded applications throughout, they immediately assume you are successful.  It gives them confidence and a willingness to do business with you.


Assuming you are living up to your leadership position, branding breeds confidence among existing clients which results in referrals.  In fact, most often they are proud to wear your apparel.  Proud to recommend your services and products.  Proud to be, in their minds, “part of your brand!”


And what about your staff?  Successful Micro-Branders have enthusiastic, hard-working staff members who are also proud to be part of the brand.  For them, it’s a culture… and they are proud to wear the emblem (logo) that says, “Hey, I’m part of the best team in town!”


Results That Grow


Micro Branders understand incremental results.  That is, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year… all those incremental sales of branded products and services add up… HUGE!  And, over time, they have developed and earned BRAND LOYALTY!


Yup…!  There’s a new breed of fitness marketer out there.


Is it you…?

Here’s the Most Powerful Welcome Letter Ever Written… for YOUR NEW CLIENTS!