Facebook Videos for Health Pros

Social Media Video 12-Pack

What To Know About..

Here’s Video #2…

Here’s Video #3…

Yes, the whole video series can be used as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube Ad Campaigns.

PLUS… you can embed these same videos (re-purpose) on your:

  • Website – landing pages, sales pages, lead capture
  • Blog – widget area, email capture
  • Email – CRM, autoresponders and funnel marketing!

It follows along a curriculum with a theme of: What to Know About…

  1. What to Know About Your Body
  2. What to Know About Digestion
  3. What to Know About Carbohydrates
  4. What to Know About Protein
  5. What to Know About Fat
  6. What to Know About Aerobic Activity
  7. What to Know About Anaerobic Activity
  8. What to Know About Vitamins
  9. What to Know About Minerals
  10. What to Know About Weight-Training
  11. What to Know About Stress
  12. What to Know About Danger Foods

For the First Time Ever… A Complete Facebook Video Ad Campaign

DONE-FOR-YOU…  Now, you can leverage the POWER and REACH of Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and other social media platforms with professionally produced “CTA Videos!”  (Call-To-Action).

These 12 Done-for-You :30-second CTA Videos will increase your social platform and help your business to instantly:

  • Engage viewers with your brand and business
  • Entertain them with a professional presentation
  • Educate prospects with :30 second “knowledge nuggets”
  • Motivate viewers to learn more by visiting your site
  • Convert referrals and leads into NEW CLIENTS!

Why Run Facebook Video Ads..?

With it’s sheer volume of users and ability to pinpoint your target audience… Facebook is now the most powerful and effective advertising and marketing vehicle on the planet!

Add to that, the incredible strength of VIDEO to “connect” with users on a visual, audio and emotional level  —  and you have the most powerful combination available..!

Check out these stats:


  • 1.5 Billion Active Users
  • 1.3 Billion Mobile Active Users
  • 17.2% Growth Rate


  • 20% Read Content / 80% Will Watch Video
  • 72% More Likely to Purchase via Video
  • 6x More Conversions

Facebook Video Ads – Specific Design Details…

Creating video for Facebook requires a lot of detail. But, we did it all for you…

  • Run-Time: Research has shown that Facebook video should NOT exceed more than :30 seconds in “total run time” or risk losing the viewer.
  • SMVP_Callouts2Auto-Play:  A heavy use of text is employed because videos on Facebook often run on “auto-play” with no audio.  These videos get your message across with and without sound.
  • Standout Borders: Plus, you’ll notice the colored borders.  Bright borders make all ads stand out.
  • Rich Backgrounds:  All videos are use rich color backgrounds to attract viewers and to keep current viewers focused on the content – without distraction.
  • Ethnically Neutral: Since Facebook is so ethnically diverse, the stars of the videos are “bubble characters” who serve to make these mini-presentations ethnically neutral.
  • Professional Voiceover: And of course, if your Facebook tribe has their sound “ON” they will hear a very professional voiceover speaking over a “signature” music bed as she delivers a fun, yet compelling message to learn more about YOUR SERVICES (Call-to-Action).

This is 100% professional Facebook Advertising without being overly “salesy!” 

These videos will be a reflection of your business and project the professionalism of your expertise and service offerings.

At the end of all videos, Facebook provides an opportunity for a LINK to any URL you choose such as a landing page, blog, sales page… or wherever.

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