Tips on How to Get Your Ads Approved for Facebook


Just in case you don’t already know how, this first video demonstrates how to upload a video on to Facebook.  It’s pretty easy, but it involves some steps.

Have any of your BOOSTED ADS on Facebook been rejected?

Mine sure have!

And for the longest time, I couldn’t figure it out.  I knew about the 20% text rule, but, even when I had NO TEXT… the ads were still rejected.

When I appealed to Facebook, all I ever received were template auto-responses with no real answers.. and a link to their ADVERTISING GUIDELINES.

So, one day I sat down and actually read Facebook’s complete policy on its advertising guidelines.

Here’s a link:  Facebook Advertising Guidelines

The #1 Reason Facebook Ads Get Rejected… 

It’s what they call the “destination page.”  Most of us know it as a “landing page.”

Believe it or not, when you boost an ad with a link that re-directs the viewer away from Facebook and on to your landing page, Facebook actually reviews the landing page to make sure it doesn’t include ANYTHING that they deem misleading or offensive.

And, this is where thousands of health and fitness pros run into trouble — and their ads end-up rejected.  In fact, if you’re providing weight-management services, you might get hit with a double-whammy!

  • Facebook will automatically reject metrics like: “…lose 20 pounds in 20 days”
  • Facebook will automatically reject before and after images like the one below (this image is from FB’s guidelines page).


I know. I know!

How can Facebook reject the fact that we’re doing something incredibly wonderful for people and just want to demonstrate what proper nutrition and productive exercise can achieve?

But, hey, I didn’t make the rules.   I’m just showing how they think.  So, please don’t shoot the messenger.

FB250The Best Solutions

There is an answer to all of this and it works really well.

The best solutions I’ve seen have come from health and fitness pros who turned their landing pages into either:

  • An optin page with a lead magnet (ebook, evaluation, guest pass, video workout,  menus, etc.)
  • A “teaser” page (offering just enough info to lure the viewer to another page:  “Discover how Mary took control of her weight, her stress and her life!”

Keeping  Up With Facebook

Without a doubt, when advertising on Facebook, you need to learn both WHAT TO DO as well as WHAT NOT TO DO. 

It’s a full time job and the rules keep changing.

Even now, there are rumors that FB may get rid of the 20% text rule.   So, who knows!   Next week could be a whole new ballgame!