Two Words to NEVER Use on Facebook

FB_2WordsDo you know what 2 words you should never, ever use on Facebook?

I sure do.

But, that’s because I learned it “first-hand” the hard way.  I used them.

And no matter how good my intentions.  No matter how sincere I was… these two words literally caused people to run away from my business!


Before I Tell You…

So… before I reveal the “two forbidden words” of Facebook, let me give you some background so it will make sense.  After all, I don’t want you to make the same mistake.

“Toto, I’ve a feeling were not in Kansas anymore.”

Dorothy’s statement in the Wizard of Oz is particularly appropriate for the marketing world.   EVERYTHING has changed.  Here’s what I mean.

Throughout the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s – and really, right up until the last five years, one of the tenants of  “classical marketing” was to project a polished image and message.

The rationale was that the bigger and more professional a company appeared, the more they could claim a leadership position.  The easier it would be to breed confidence and trust among their target audience.  And, of course, the more they would SELL!

For the vast majority of companies and products, it was all smoke and mirrors.”

You would never, ever see a company “pull back the curtain” and actually expose the inner workings, personality and culture of the company.

But that’s all changed…

The New Marketing…

Oh yes… it’s a new day for advanced marketers.   Today’s most successful marketers are completely transparent.  They pull back the curtain and let you in on EVERYTHING going on within their companies.

  • They tell you about new products and services BEFORE they are even launched.
  • They solicit feedback via surveys.
  • CEO’s and other executives record podcasts, webinars and broadcasts via Periscope and Facebook live.

Here’s the point. 

Companies are building strong, value-packed relationships way before the sale.  By that, I mean they initiate a relationship with you by offering tons of CONTENT and ACTIONABLE IDEAS.  They become a trusted “friend.”

Within marketing circles this is known as building “crowd culture.”

The end result is a “tribe” of loyal customers who literally feel that they are purchasing products and/or services from someone who has already proven he or she is “credible” and “trustworthy.”  This is HUGE!

And, nowhere is “crowd culture” more evident than on Facebook.

Beyond timelines and “friends”  —  today’s modern businesses, consultants and gurus can create both public and private “groups” of customers/fans/tribes/members — where they can share all kinds of information and communications — from text to images to video and now, live streaming!

Those Two (2) Words….

So, it is against this backdrop that about 4 years ago I used the two “forbidden” words.

I’ll admit I was a bit naive about the nature of Facebook (as were many companies at the time) —  and had absolutely no idea about “crowd culture” or what it meant.

From my “classical marketing” background, I simply viewed Facebook as another “sales platform.”  Sort of like our website.

So, one day, I simply put up an image of a Daily Journal — and underneath it were these two words:  BUY NOW!

Well…. not only did it NOT generate any sales, but, I was quickly reprimanded by my followers for trying to SELL SOMETHING on Facebook.

Lesson Learned… and To the Future

So, there you have it.  BUY NOW does not cut it on Facebook.  In fact, it is a huge negative.   So, just consider them FORBIDDEN – and never, ever use them!

If you are marketing your health-related services on Facebook, then, you have all kinds opportunities to build “crowd culture.”

Almost everyone is, to some degree, interested in their health. And, with your knowledge base, you simply need to be ask yourself:

  • “What value can I offer?”  (a blog, exercise tips, nutrition info, recipes, webinar, live stream etc.)
  • “What actionable items can I provide?” (a simple “home” workout plan, product reviews, YouTube Workout?)
  • “What would I tell this person if he/she were my best friend?” (a private FB group, a forum, a free consult, FAQ)

All of these ideas would be considered “lead magnets.”  It’s a starting point for your relationship with a potential customer or client.

The Power of Facebook…

One last thing.

Facebook is rapidly becoming the most powerful marketing vehicle on the planet.

Some argue it already is.

This much I can assure you.  At some point, if you are a business, you absolutely, positively need to have a “business page” on Facebook as a way to build “crowd culture” and nurture your own “tribe.”

But, it’s equally important to know what NOT to do!!!