Go “Live” and Grow Rich…!

It’s a simple proposition. Really!

Just study this infographic for a minute and you’ll understand why health and fitness professionals who reach out to their communities and present  “LIVE EVENTS” via seminars (and webinars) are ALWAYS the most SUCCESSFUL.


They NEVER hunt for new clients.  In fact, quite often they have “waiting lists!”




O.k., so let’s break down this graphic.


As a health and fitness professional — especially one who offers weight-management and lifestyle services (you do, right?) there are many, many audiences who are interested in your message:  “The Truth About Weight-Management.”

Here’s  just a small sample of these audiences (designated in red on the infographic).

  • Your active members
  • Your prospects
  • Business organizations
  • Local companies
  • Your family friends
  • The PTA
  • Local church and houses of worship
  • Police and fire departments
  • Community organizations
  • Your city employees


And, if you PROMOTE your EVENT appropriately, you will attract these audiences to your MESSAGE like a MAGNET!


Each of these audiences should be targeted for a SEMINAR.


Of course, I propose our Seminar Kit found HERE…


But, perhaps you already have a presentation ready to go.  If that’s the case, then it’s time to execute!



I know… I know… I preach all day about Good, Better and Best pricing models.  But, this is the exception to that rule.  And here’s why.


During your presentation, you’ve been providing your audience with an incredible amount of information.


But it’s more than that.


You are also talking about a component of their lives that is highly emotional, too.  Yes.  People have tons of emotions all wrapped-up within their lifestyle behaviors (especially eating).


So, as a result, their thoughts and emotions are running high.  This is NOT the time ask them to analyze all kinds of pricing information.  You simply want them to COMMIT.  Just ONE SINGLE RESPONSE.  YES or NO.


That’s it.  COMMITMENT.


You do this by offering ONE SINGLE PROGRAM at a ONE NIGHT ONLY PRICE. That’s it.  YES or NO.


Keep it simple.


Again, take a look at the infographic.  You’ll see in the days after the single program price, you’ll have have plenty of time to offer all kinds of up-sells and down-sells into all your various programs.  But, the night of the event, your single focus is to gain a COMMITMENT.

You Can Do This…


Listen, as much as I love technology and all the marketing opportunities with the internet and social media… sometimes, the “tried and true” is way… WAY more effective in converting sales.


And,  I’m not the only one who knows this.  The legend, himself, Thomas Plummer, offers a 3-Day Speaker School for Health and Fitness professionals.  It costs less than half a treadmill and ROI is 10X or perhaps 100X whatever the ROI on a treadmill is!


Learning to public speak is probably the best investment a career fitness professional can make.


Here’s  the truth.  Every day I talk with health and fitness professionals who spend more time designing a complicated marketing funnel than it takes to plan and execute a live event.  Long, complex funnels never convert as well as a live event.


What’s better is a live event on Weight-Management & Lifestyle will almost always convert 50% of the audience that night. Plus, even more a few days later.  If not, then there’s something wrong with your presentation.  CLICK HERE…

Go Live… GO BIG!


Napoleon Hill wrote the best-selling book, Think and Grow Rich.  It changed my life as well as the lives of thousands of entrepreneurs throughout the world.


But, I wonder if, today, people are spending way too much time “thinking” instead of “doing.”


I constantly read in Facebook groups, forums and blogs, that independent trainers, studios and clubs are trying to figure how to get more clients. 


And, I consistently see all kinds of solutions that require a ton of technology, coaching programs and all sorts of expensive non-revenue producing components that just add more tasks and overhead.


Yet, what was true 25 years ago is still true today.


If you are serious about getting NEW CLIENTS or MEMBERS, then, get out in front of people and deliver your message.  Go “LIVE” and go “BIG!” Period.


Challenge Yourself..


In fact, why not challenge yourself.  Set a date and start preparing your presentation.


Once you get over the hump of presenting for the first time, the rest will be EASY!  And, you’ll be able to present your message over and over again to different audiences.


You will end up with a WAITING LIST full of motivated clients who want to work with YOU!


With all due respect to Napoleon Hill, I say, “Go Live and Grow Rich!”


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