Malnutrition – the PERFECT Crime..!


One of our customers, named Maddie, is a part-time trainer who is also a 10th grade Health & Nutrition teacher at her local high school.


She purchased a the MAP SYSTEM and introduced it to all of her H&N classes full of 15 and 16-year olds.


What she did next was pure genius….!


Making it Fun



To make learning the system a fun process, she created a game called Devious Diva.  I won’t go into all the details but here’s the premise of the game.


Devious Diva is a “gold-digger” married to a rich old man (Sugar Daddy).


She is intent to “knock him off” in order get the inheritance of her rich husband. 

Her challenge is to do it without a trace of a murder weapon.


So, she decided to murder her husband through bad eating!   To do so, she creates the most god-awful menus you’ve ever seen.  Full of empty calories and, of course, loads of sugar and fat.


Malnutrition – The Perfect Crime!


Well, the kids had a ball with it.  But, little did they realize how much they were educating themselves about the caloric values of various foods — in the process.


For example, Maddie taught them how to load the husband’s menu full of empty carbs like soda, salty snacks and donuts.


She pointed them in the direction of fat-laden, low-quality proteins like peanut butter.


And, on their own, the students went crazy with the fast food category!!!


Maddie just laughs because half the foods the students chose are the exact same foods they, themselves, eat!


What an eye-opener for the kids!