What Type of Online Fitness Business Do You Want?


For many, just the topic of “online business” is confusing… or, at best, a very gray area.

That’s because it means different things to different people.

Different Strokes…

For example, if I ask a personal trainer or health coach about his or her online business, it often revolves around him or her using an app with their “off-site” clients.

But, if I ask the same question of a different trainer, it involves a full-blown eCommerce platform with several products as well as multiple passive recurring revenue streams.

Those are two completely different online models.

And, just to make it even more interesting… there are all kinds of hybrids that fall in between these two models.

For example, Jamie Straus sells a 30-day Online Super-Start Workout that comes with .pdf files and 37 “member only” videos. The cost is $99 plus $9.99/mth. recurring (up-sell after the initial 30-days).

FYI:  On average her clients continue with the recurring program for 18 months.  Some more and some less = Avg. 18 months.

Initial cost = $99.
Additional $9.99 x 18 months = $179.82
Total Passive Income = $278.82  

To date, more than 350 people have run through her program in the last 3 years:  $278.82 x 350 = $97,587

That’s roughly $32,000 per year of passive income!

Sound good..?

Great.  Now, are you ready to see how to make it even better..?

A Hybrid Example…

Think about this:  A person who purchases Jamie’s 30-day Online Super-Start Workout can also upgrade to the NEXT LEVEL and receive a 30-minute Coaching Call each week with Jamie (4X per month) for an additional $200.

But, it doesn’t stop there.  A client can also purchase 2 calls per week (8X per month) for an additional $350. 

So this is a HYBRID that incorporates an online PRODUCT as well as an online SERVICE.

This is just ONE PRODUCT with two up-sells.

Crystal Lowery deployed this same type of up-sell strategy with her Fat Blasting Meal Plan:  CLICK HERE

And, There’s Even
More Opportunity…

BandsJamie also sells small pieces of exercise equipment like bands, Swiss balls, and, yes of course, Transormation Journals — all of which are easily shipped via USPS.

And, she also maintains affiliate links on her site where she earns commissions from companies like Perform Better.

Again, it’s a hybrid.  Some of this requires her time and effort — while the stand-alone 30-day Online Super-Start Workout and affiliate sales can be scaled as big as she can drive them.

The Best of Both Worlds

So, why do I like the hybrid model so much?  Simple.  It offers you the best of both worlds.

Here’s what I mean.

Almost every week I hear about a trainer or health coach who decided to close-up his or her physical location in order to put 100% energy and focus into their online business.

It’s sad —  because 9 out of 10 times they were convinced that building an online business is EASY!

NO!  IT IS NOT EASY!  (read this)

I’m not trying to be negative or a “downer” when it comes to online business.  In fact, just the opposite.  I truly want you to be SUCCESSFUL.

And that means being REAL.

Building a successful, profitable online health and fitness business that continues to generate recurring passive income takes TIME.

There’s a learning curve.

I hope you’ll take a look at the Online Fitness Resource Guide because it will provide you with a glimpse of some of the technologies involved with building an online business.  Plus… it’s FREE!

No, you don’t need to become an expert at all the “techie stuff.”  But you should at least gain some understanding of what various technologies do —  and how they can help you.

Check it out… and if you are a Do-it-Yourselfer… then, check out our online TUTORIALS on WORDPRESS.

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