The $58K Follow-Up



If you read this post, then, this is like “icing on the cake” as a follow-up.


Here’s the actual email I received from Steve Nunno after he repeated his presentation: “Finally… the Truth About Weight-Management” in front of the city council.

killed_itClick on image to enlarge….


So, in just the last 10 days, Steve generated $58,000 in one night when he presented three seminars at his local Radisson Hotel (He charged $20. admission).


Then, he gave the exact same seminar in front of his city council and earned another $13,700 for products and services — for a total of $71,700 in just 10 DAYS!


Do you see the power of having a PLATFORM like ONBOARD 101 and a PRESENTATION?  (“Finally… the Truth About Weight-Management”)


Here’s what’s even more crazy…  Steve is doing this in the middle of DECEMBER.  One of the least likely times to present since most people are focused on the holidays.


Can you even imagine how his business is going to absolutely BLOW-UP in January…???   (Note to Steve – You better start hiring!)


The sign-up table.  Ready for sales!

Deliver Your Passion and Soul…


So, I want to share with your two things that are very important.  And, could, in fact, change your entire life.


First, is this.  Back in the ’80s and 90’s these results were pretty common.  I not only experienced it myself, but helped other club owners, studio owners and health professionals get the same results.


But, somewhere along the line, the fitness industry became lazy.


The internet.  Social media. And, a dozen other excuses have somehow distracted fitness professionals from getting out in front of people and delivering their message.


I’m NOT saying you shouldn’t being marketing on the internet and social media.  But, I AM SAYING is YOU need to do MORE!




Every day I see and hear fit pros “bitching” that they have no business. 


Listen…. it’s this simple.  Get yourself out there in front of people.  So, please:


Those 3 things are  ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW to blow your business up to the next level… and beyond!


The SECOND thing I want to tell you is this:


Steve Nunno and I barely know each other.  He found me online about 3 months ago.  He asked a few questions.  We had a few phone calls together and then he took the plunge.




Not because he believed in me.  But, because he believes in himself. He believes in the message.  He seriously believes he can change lives.  And, he already has.


Again… the HUGE TAKE AWAY… is this.  If you believe in yourself and have the passion and “take action” attitudeTHE MONEY WILL FOLLOW


It’s truly that simple.


Steve Nunno is living proof..!

Here’s the Most Powerful Welcome Letter Ever Written… for YOUR NEW CLIENTS!


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