How Top Fit Pros Generate Passive Income and Scale Up…

passive_222It seems like the entire health and fitness industry is looking for ways to take their businesses ONLINE.


And thousands of fit pros have already figured out how to create an ONLINE TRAINING function using some third-party apps.


But, at the end of the day, they are STILL TRADING DOLLARS for HOURS


So, while that may get them a few more clients… it’s not a TRUE ONLINE BUSINESS that one can actually SCALE.


And, growth businesses are all about SCALE…!


Passive Income with ONBOARD 101


If you are an ONBOARD 101 admin, this can be a “no-brainer” if you are willing to give it a try.


However, if you run ANY KIND of EDUCATIONAL or ADDED VALUE type program… and, are willing to make it MANDATORY, then, you can instantly add a NEW PROFIT STREAM into your business.


To prove it, I asked one of my consulting clients and an ONBOARD 101 Admin, Katlyn Sandoval, to try a little experiment.


Katlyn owns and operates a women’s only studio and has a mailing list of active/inactive clients of 1,200 people.


The Simple Experiment


The experiment was pretty simple.   Make ONBOARD 101 a MANDATORY REQUIREMENT to all NEW CLIENTS who wanted to join her studio for any type of group or one-on-one training.  In other words, it was a PREREQUISITE.


And, it would cost $97 as part of a membership package or as an add-on.  Either way, it would be REQUIRED


For EXISTING MEMBERS, it would be a non-required, OPTIONAL ADD-ON at $49. but, for only two weeks.  After that — full price.


Katlyn was not sure how it would go over, but, I assured her, that if her new policy caused a negative reaction, we could take it down right away. 


And, I would reimburse her for any lost sales due to the new policy.


The “Explainer” Email


I personally crafted an email for Katlyn that would notify her entire mailing list of the new ONBOARD 101 Prerequisite for NEW MEMBERS. 


You can download the actual email below.


It was distributed to her full list 1,200 active and inactive clients.


It was sent out at 11:00 a.m. in the morning.


By 11:45 a.m. this single email generated almost $700…


That’s right!  $700 in 45 minutes —  from EXISTING CLIENTS who wanted this VALUE-ADDED RESOURCE.


Even More…


By the end of the second week, this email had generated $3,349.33 of passive income for her business among existing and new clients.


That totally paid for her ONBOARD 101 program — and then some.


So, while $3,349.33 may not seem like she won the lottery, it proved she could SCALE a portion of her business and GENERATE PASSIVE INCOME with a fully-automated knowledge-based system.


This system requires absolutely none of her time or expertise – this is why it’s termed “passive income.”  


So, Katlyn started with a “baby step.”


But, now she’s excited.  Just think what’s going to happen once she learns how to produce webinars and reach out globally…!


The sky is the limit!