How Does Your Brand Feel..?


It’s a simple question….


Do you think your BRAND is “connecting” with people?


Sure, it connects with you. That’s a given. After all, it’s your brand… your business… your “baby.”


But, what about your clients? Does it resonate with them? Do they connect with it?


What about new prospects? When they see it for the first time, does it “speak” to them?


How about your staff? Are they proud to be part of it?





Right now…. YOUR BRAND is making people “feel” one thing or another.


The question is… are those feelings good or bad? Are those feelings a help or hindrance?





Whether you know it or not, feelings and emotions lie at the heart of a person’s decision to finally do something about his or her health.  And those same feelings and emotions come into play when deciding where and with whom to connect for training and working out.




Have you ever joined a club or group where it just felt “right” – like you just naturally fit in?


That’s because you instantly realized and internalized the brand’s promise. It’s how an advanced, serious fitness enthusiast “feels” when he or she first walks into a high level training studio.


That’s the first level of making an emotional connection.


This is exactly what you want prospects to feel when they experience your brand for the first time.


But… there’s a higher, more intense level. It’s when your brand makes someone FEEL GOOD.


There’s a huge difference.


This second, more intense level is when a person consciously reflects on his or her emotional experience when interacting with your brand, your services, your products and your people.


“Feels Right” is passive. It’s your “vibe” and people either connect with it or they don’t.


The higher level is proactive. It’s where you create feelings that surround your brand with a distinct aura that draws people in and makes them want more.


Ultimately, the very thought of your brand makes them FEEL GOOD.




The second level is a non-stop commitment of your brand’s intentions, behaviors and attitudes toward your clients.  And, unlike physical outcomes, building a “feel good” brand depends on emotional outcomes.


In other words – do your clients feel something unique, positive and memorable about your brand?


As you might have guessed by now, I’m leading up to the Mini-Motivator Video Bundle.


I constantly use them for our brand on Instagram and LinkedIn…. and sometimes on Facebook.


I also attach them to emails I send to my consulting clients.   They love them.


While on the surface, these videos may appear to be a simple collection of motivating and inspiring videos… they are way more than that.


They are, indeed, a pro-active means by which to create feelings and emotions toward your brand.


So, they actually multi-task. On one hand they help motivate and inspire your clients through positive messaging.


And, at the same time, these videos reinforce the connection and emotional experience your clients feel with your brand.


I hope you will take advantage of them!