Plan, Promote and Execute…

Recently …

… the big buzz throughout the U.S. interwebs was all about Amazon Prime!

I have to hand it to them.  They invented a retail holiday out of thin air… that captures millions of consumers willing to opt-in to the $99 recurring annual fee.    1,000,000 x $99 (just to belong) = $99,000,000 (net profit)!

Brilliant marketing!

What About You and Your Business?

But while all of that was going on…  I started asking my fitness partners (studios, clubs, independents) what they had planned for Back-to-School promotions? 

After all, that’s the next big “Event” that gives all businesses a ton of free publicity and encourages consumers to pull out their wallets.  It’s not just about “school” anymore.  It’s a giant SALES EVENT… period.

But the response from many of my partners was the same response I receive every single year….

What…?  Huh…?  Isn’t it a little early..?


Lead Time…

You should be planning your Back-to-School Promotions right now.

Even though it’s still summer now, September is right around the corner.

And, September is the time of year when parents actually gain time (kids in school).

September is the time of year when millions of people think:  “I’ve got to get back on track.”

September is when all your pre-planning and promoting will PAY-OFF during execution.

Be Unique and/or Thematic

So, think about the unique types of programs, courses, products and services that make sense for your business. 

  • Back-to-School Boot Camps
  • Back-to-School Transformation Challenges
  • Sport-Specific Training Packages (Skiing, Hockey, Basketball)
  • Weight-Management Course
  • Seminars / Webinars
  • Lunch & Learns (Corporate, Church, Community Groups, Meet-ups, Business Orgs.)
  • Grocery Store Field Trips

Then, be sure they begin right after Labor Day (Monday, Sept 4th.)

But, don’t wait til September to start planning.

  • Plan NOW!
  • Promote through August.
  • Implement in September.