What and How to Sell Online…



The online business model…. WOW!..


I’m serious….  it’s really gaining momentum!


Have you taken a long, hard look at how much the Fitness Studio, Personal Training and Health Coaching business models are changing?


Especially among the entrepreneurial group of health and fitness professionals who see the advantages of marketing and selling their services and products “ONLINE” to a global market.


And, once you understand what it is to have a portion of your business that can “SCALE” you quickly realize there’s NO LIMIT to your growth and revenues!


In just the past 3 months I’ve seen our own sales for online products, including ONBOARD 101Videos and Quiz Kits just sky rocket!  And, our new done-4-you eCommerce / Dropship program is totally rockin’!


This increase tells me a lot about where the health and fitness marketplace is headed.

More Proof…


And, it’s not just me.  Almost every email I receive from the well-known fitness marketing coaches is about creating info products and selling online.  There are coaching programs and even certifications for “ONLINE TRAINING!”


But Then…


However, as exciting as the online adventure promises to be, most professionals are rudely awakened by the hard slap-in-the-face of REALITY.


I know this by the phone calls and emails I receive.


While ONLINE MARKETING is a fantastic opportunity….  thousands of health and fitness professionals end up scratching their heads and asking themselves some basic questions.  Here are just a few:


  • “What would I sell?  
  • “And, how the heck do I set all of this up?” 
  • “How am I supposed to integrate all this “tech stuff?
  • “Should I hire someone?”
  • “How much does all of this cost?”


These are Million Dollar Questions!


If you’re asking these same questions… then, GOOD FOR YOU.  That’s EXACTLY what you should be asking.




Because way too many “experts” are promoting how fantastic online marketing is… and how much money their clients are making.


But, they make these claims without really providing you the ANSWERS to those VERY IMPORTANT QUESTIONS.


Instead, you get a bunch of THEORY along with FLOW CHARTS and FUNNELS that look great until you realize:

  • You don’t have any kind of email capture
  • You don’t have an email list
  • You know nothing about automated email systems
  • You have no idea how to drive traffic to your site
  • You don’t know how to take money online

Maybe You’re Half-Way There….


Or, perhaps you’re one of the people who have some of the components for an online business. But, you haven’t really tied them all together into a cohesive, overall strategy that generates sales.   For example:

  • Maybe you have a great mailing list, but don’t know how to really leverage it.


  • Maybe you purchased an automated marketing system or email funnel (like Infusionsoft or Clickfunnels) but it’s sitting idle because you don’t understand it.


  • Maybe you already have a business PayPal account.. or an eCommerce site, but when it comes to sales… nothing but crickets.


  • Maybe you’re a social media expert attracting hundreds of “Likes” only to discover that “Likes” do NOT convert into $$$.

Can You Relate to This….


Perhaps you can relate to this on some level.  Yes, there are those who really have it “nailed.”   The whole “ONLINE MARKETING” thing seems to have come so easily to them.   (It didn’t).


Here’s the absolute truth. 

  • Most success stories with online marketing are the result of years of work, effort, trial and error and finally results.


  • Or, they hired a team and spent thousands upon thousands of dollars to get their online business up and running.


Please do NOT believe all the B.S. out there that this stuff is super simple. It’s not.


TWO Quick Solutions


O.K., I’ve probably described a lot of people and maybe, you.  So, since you’ve read this far, let me at least offer you two solutions or answers to the first two question:


  • “What would I sell?  
  • “And, how the heck do I set all of this up?” 


Let’s just start out with one item and then, the upsell.


  • 30-Day Workout for Busy Moms –   YOUR PRICE


Here’s how simple it can be.  You come up with your own signature coaching product:  30-day workout plan for Busy Moms.


It could be as simple as a .pdf file with detailed descriptions of exercises and some workout diagrams. Or, maybe a special “membership” package where the client can login to your special website area to view all the :20-second demonstration videos.


Whatever you are able to produce. This would be the “BASIC PRODUCT” at YOUR PRICE.


  • Then, the upsell is two (2) CONSULTS (via phone or email or skype – :20-minutes) for YOUR PRICE + 2 CONSULTS


  • The next upsell is is four (4) CONSULTS (1x per week – via phone or email or skype – :20-minutes) for YOUR PRICE + 4 CONSULTS


  • Now, add Nutrition or Menu Planning and you can come up with 3 more online coaching products.


And, these “Signature Coaching” products can be purchased by anyone… anywhere in the world!!!!

Here are some examples of professional fitness products being sold online.  They are all digital products along with some upsell coaching. Honestly, with a little effort you could totally do this:

Ughhhh… Technology!

If this is how you feel about technology, don’t worry.  You’re not alone!


It frustrates the hell out of a lot of people.  After all, your training was in life sciences, not technology.


By the way, lawyers, doctors, accountants and all service-based business owners feel the exact same way.


But listen.  You DON’T need to learn it all.  But, you do need to learn some BASICS. 





I created this site specifically to help everyone on my list – as well as visitors — with the foundation of building an online business.   


Most especially for “Do-It-Yourselfers” who have more time than money.  And, although you need to register, the best part is that it’s FREE!


Here’s the thing.  There are a lot of options available.  But, I can assure you, the absolute best foundation for an online business is to learn WORDPRESS.   Period.


If you really want to run an online business, do yourself a favor and just review the information on this site.  In fact, you should bookmark it.  Here’s why….

  • It will absolutely keep you from making all the same mistakes that so many people, including me, have made.


  • It will save you a ton of money by alerting you to the best technologies that have proven themselves.


  • It will be updated as we all continue to evolve with online business models.

Do You Have Questions..?

If you have questions, you can simply pick up the phone and call me, (714) 404-1800.  Or, send me an email.  If you’ve ever called me in the past, you know that I’ll spend time on the phone with you and really try to help.   For FREE!