How to Become a Fitness Marketing Ninja and Outsmart the Celebrities


I often think these weight-loss celebrity spokespeople should be thrown in jail for the crap they promote.


Just think about it.  If  YOU or any certified fit pro were to spout off the same kind of false headlines, misinformation and pure nonsense as Oprah, Dr. Phil, Marie, Dr. Oz., Dan Marino and others —  you’d be ridiculed and driven right out of fitness industry!


[ Alert: this is a long post… but, if you offer weight-management services, this post will show you how to “crush it” starting today!  It’s the ultimate “marketing secret.” ]


“LOSE UP TO 13 LBS and 7 INCHES overall in your first month!” (NutriSystem)


“LOSE 20 LBS FOR $20!”  (Jenny Craig)


I know YOU don’t say this stuff.


But, it kills me to see so many faded celebrities and retired athletes continue to promote “fake physiology.”


It’s “fake news” — only worse because it can literally cause bodily harm!


Yet, millions of people continue to “eat it up” (sorry for the pun!) because these spokespeople constantly pump out unrealistic headlines. 


It’s obvious these spokespeople know absolutely NOTHING about basic human physiology.  But, hey!  That’s NOT their gig.  They get paid to PROMOTE and ENDORSE products.  That’s WHAT they DO…  whether it’s true or not.


Treat Clients Like Adults

I used to tell my clients this: 


“If WEIGHT is the ONLY THING you care about, then, I’ll handcuff you to a tree and feed you bread and water twice a day.  You’ll lose plenty of weight — in just ONE WEEK!


And, then, I would look the client straight in the eyes and say:


“Look… can we get real, here?  Let’s at least have an ADULT CONVERSATION about your body and how it actually functions.”


I would go on to explain how the human body is such a miracle of complexities.


And, how the abusive protocol of restricted calorie dieting would:

  • Compromise their immune system
  • Create hormonal imbalances
  • Agitate their central nervous system
  • Cause a decrease in their energy levels
  • Add physical, mental and emotional stress


The Magnificent Obsession


Then, just to add a cherry-on-top, I would hand them “THE HISTORY OF DIETS”  (Click Here to Download ) and remark that this insane, single-focus on weight has been going on — unsuccessfully — for over 300 years!


When you think about it, civilized society has done a pretty good job of trivializing the human body


We’ve turned weight-management into an “on-again / off-again” funny little game —  where both men and women think this behavior is O.K. 


Hundreds of millions of people believe Yo-Yo Dieting based on holidays, class reunions, weddings, bathing suit season, etc. is perfectly normal! 


It’s NOT!  It’s NOT NORMAL at all! 


And, as you and I both know, this behavior leads to all kinds of health maladies from diabetes and cardiovascular disease to osteoporosis and cellular inflammation


Why Am I Telling YOU All This…?


Yes… you already know all of this, but, I DO a have a point.  


I’m going to share with you WHY and HOW it can potentially make your current business incredibly profitable (I have already proven it).


The Naive Start-Up…


You might know I owned and operated an “upscale” Weight-Management and Lifestyle consulting practice called MediCorp Nutrition Technology in Newport Beach, California from 1989 through 1994.


When I first started the company, I always wondered how commercial weight-loss companies got away with all this misinformation.  I quickly learned about “fine print” and disclaimers.  


Then, to my dismay, when I contacted several hospitals, I learned that many of their weight-loss programs were specifically designed to up-sell into their bariatric surgery programs!  Holy crap…!!!


And, don’t even get me started on powders and pills, (including deadly Fen-Phen.


Every year there are NEW Bogus Weight-loss Schemes!





But, within my first year of operation, I figured it out. 


Yup… one day it hit me like a bolt of lightning.  All of a sudden, in a flash, I understood exactly HOW these marketers got away with all their crazy stuff. (and still do..)


At first, it really depressed and discouraged me.


From Crisis to Opportunity…


But, then I realized it was an OPPORTUNITY  — so, I started to experiment.


I experimented with my marketing message, positioning and pricing.  I experimented with HOW we delivered our message to local residents, corporate wellness directors and family medical practices.


I experimented with every single aspect of my business — because I knew… deep in my heart… that I now possessed the MARKETING SECRET.


I knew EXACTLY HOW to compete against these giant hucksters with multi-million dollar advertising budgets.


It Worked…!


Once the research was complete and a plan developed — we EXECUTED.  And, I mean we played hard. (I’ll provide details later). 


As a result, my little consultancy with 30-40 ongoing clients  — almost overnight — grew to over 800 clients!


I won’t bore you with the operational details. (that’s a story by itself!)


What I want to share with you is the SECRET. 


Because once you understand how false information is used to manipulate an unwitting public, the game plan to combat it becomes CRYSTAL CLEAR!


And, your profitability will double, triple or even increase more than 10x as it did for me.


Here’s the SECRET…


The huge weight loss companies are not successful because of their crazy, unrealistic, outrageous claims.  They are successful because PEOPLE BELIEVE THEM!


And, the sole reason people believe these misleading claims is because they are uneducated about the very basics of how their own bodies function.


In other words….  IGNORANCE IS BLISS!


Cracked Logic and a Plan


Believe me.  This is no small thing. 


In fact, it is the KEY… the SECRET to successful weight-management marketing within the fitness environment


Once I recognized this crack in logic, I formulated a plan that changed the playing field and totally “crushed it” in my little corner of the world.


And YOU can do the EXACT SAME THING!


You Can “Crush It” Starting Today!


Here’s the first thing to know.  The only way to combat ignorance is through education.  Look at these two statements:

  • Ignorance is bliss.
  • Knowledge is power.


These two statements are 180 degrees polar opposites.   Yet, these contrary statements are at the CORE of the SECRET


Contrarian Marketing


Here is the basis of the successful marketing that catapulted my little business.  This is so important that I hope you read it twice…


We reviewed and analyzed everything the “Multi-Million Dollar Hucksters” did — and then did it 180 degrees the opposite.


When they zigged, we zagged.  If they did this… we did that.  If they were going to lie and be misleading, we would tell the truth and be forthcoming.


Do you see how simple this is?  It totally differentiates you from all commercial competition.


A Marketing Platform Built on TRUTH


With a contrarian marketing strategy and mindset, you can set out to build a marketing platform.   It doesn’t really need to be much more than a bunch of bullets. But it will guide you toward success at every turn.


Here’s how to get started:  If they do this, then I’ll do ________…


For example:

  If the multi-million dollar hucksters are going to base their marketing on, “Consumer Ignorance” then…


+  I will market my services based on “Consumer Knowledge” and “Personal Empowerment.”


If the multi-million dollar hucksters are using faded celebrities and national campaigns, then…


+  I will be my own spokesperson, stay local, accessible and get in front of my audience eyeball-to-eyeball via seminars, webinars, health fairs, corporate brown bags lunches, etc.



If the multi-million dollar hucksters make unrealistic claims like “Lose 7 lbs in One Week”, then…


+  I will tell the truth, such as, “With the knowledge and tools you gain in our program, you can safely lose all the fat you want… forever!”


Choosing Your Words…


As crazy as this seems, even the words you use to market your services can have a HUGE impact. 


For example, when we first started our seminars, we used titles like, “The Value of Nutrition and Exercise” and then, “How to Lose Weight the Right Way.”  We tried over a dozen different titles — with mediocre results.


Then I hired a professional copywriter who changed the title to:

“Finally, the Truth About Weight-Management.”


Our attendance numbers immediately doubled and tripled.


The title was more powerful and effective because it resonated with people who had already failed on commercial weight-loss programs. 


It implied that they’d been lied to and that we had the real answers and solutions.  It aligned with our platform.  It aligned with the TRUTH.


It’s amazing!  Once you have a platform, everything just seems to fall in place like a puzzle!

How to Really Flood Your Business with New Clients


O.K. — Since you’ve read this far, I really want to thank you for investing your time.


As such, I hope you find these next two nuggets worth your investment. 


I’m going to share with you, what I believe, the two biggest growth drivers for any fitness business offering weight-management services.


These two nuggets are where the “rubber meets the road” in terms of executing everything I’ve outlined so far.  They are what increased my own little business more than 10X in less than a year.


These two marketing tactics are MISSED by more than 90% of all fit pros, studios and clubs


And, they are NOT used by the multi-million dollar hucksters, either.


So, even today, it’s wide open for YOU..!


Nugget #1 – Public Speaking


Oh yes… I hear your gulp.  The two words that immediately release a shot of adrenaline into your system.  


But, you’ll just need to “suck it up, buttercup” and get over it.  If you truly want to be successful (in any business) then, learning to public speak is mandatory. Period.


Have you ever seen anyone from Weight-Watchers, NutriSytem, Jenny Craig or any of the major commercial weight-loss companies do any kind of public speaking?


They don’t do it.


Instead, they spend millions on advertising attempting to attract people to their retail centers.


And, that’s exactly WHY you SHOULD do it.


Think of it as Ninja Marketing. 


When we created our seminar, “Finally, the Truth About Weight-Management” we presented to:

  • Companies
  • Schools (PTA)
  • Business Groups
  • Community Organizations
  • Church Groups
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Gated Communities
  • YMCA’s
  • Community Centers
  • Police and Fire Departments
  • Municipalities (Water Dept., City Council, etc.)
  • Hospitals (especially those without bariatric services)
  • Family Medical Practices


Making the Connection


At every single presentation, it was either me or one of our staff actually speaking and delivering the information. No paid spokesperson.  No phoniness. 


Instead, it was complete transparency with truthful information resulting in “personal connections” with our various audiences.   


As a result, we typically signed-up at least 50% of the audience into our programming. 


We presented at least twice a week.  Sometimes more.


Here’s the biggest take-away from live events.  Every single person in your audience… by virtue of showing up – has “pre-qualified” himself/herself as a HOT LEAD!


Nugget #2 – Promotion, Promotion, Promotion


Frankly, this is where so many fit pros get it all wrong! 


It’s NOT ENOUGH to simply develop a great presentation. 


What good is a presentation if no one shows up… right?


I continually hear from health coaches, trainers, studios and clubs who lament they only had a handful of people show up for their seminars.


And, then, I learn their total marketing was nothing more than a bunch of postings and paid ads on Facebook. 




Listen, I love social media as much as the next guy.  But it’s NOT the “end all.”


It’s super important to promote your seminars as much as you possibly can across all affordable media.  And, to start your promotion at least 21 days before the date of your seminar or presentation.


So, in our case with 2 seminars per week, we constantly promoted 6 different seminars simultaneously.  (It’s easy once a system is set-up).

Back to the Ninja Marketing Mindset:  


So, beyond your website with specific landing pages, social media and email, you’ll also want to create physical materials such as:

  • Flyers
  • Postcards
  • Direct Mail Letters
  • Press Releases


Too many fit pros think they can do 100% of their marketing from behind their computer.  Not only is this not true, logistically — but, today, more than ever people seek a personal connection (not a digital connection).


The Ground Game:


So, arm yourself with a handful of flyers and actually canvas your neighborhood and market area.  Find new places and partners who might be willing to help  you.  You’ll be surprised at how many people are willing to jump on board your healthy living platform!


  • For example, back in the day, I would put on my branded MediCorp Polo Shirt and canvas all the office buildings and light manufacturers near our office.  I would simply ask the receptionist if they had a break room.  And, if so, would she/he be willing to post our flyer for an upcoming free seminar.   They almost always did it.


  • Almost all apartment complexes have recreation rooms.  So, I would go to the administration or rental office and offer a free weight-management seminar to be presented in their rec room.  They not only accepted, but would often help promote it by rubber-banding our flyers on all apartment doors or in their residents mail boxes.  Today, they’ll even text all tenants regarding upcoming events. 


  • I literally walked into fire stations and police departments and offered to present our seminars – especially customized for them – at their facility (if allowed) or at our office if they preferred.  You’d be amazed at how many brought their spouses with them.  Police, Fire and Municipalities were some of our most well attended seminars.   (FYI – Yes, I know that most firemen already know how to workout, but we found that most know very little about nutrition.)


I could go on and provide example after example of how we successfully approached each audience.  The real point is that we got out from behind our computers and got face-to-face and shook hands with decision makers and those who would book our seminars.


And, believe me, the multi-million dollar hucksters do NOT do this. 


That means you will be a complete STAND OUT.  You will stick in their minds as the professional who took the time to personally approach them with information they, their employees and their residents can actually use in their day-to-day living.


Start Right Now…


Every year, hundreds of thousands of health coaches, personal trainers, studios and health clubs are all going to do the EXACT SAME THINGS


In a nutshell, they’ll all attempt to attract new members and clients to their facilities for Group Training using LBO (low barrier offers) and other price point strategies.  

Why not be DIFFERENT..?


If You Want More…

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Become a NINJA…!

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