How To Generate Gazillions of Qualified Fitness Leads

Lead620Whether you do business in a physical location or 100% online – your highest priority is LEAD GENERATION.


Here’s how one of the smartest, most creative trainers generated more than 2,000 qualified leads in less than 3 months.


Marcie Goodwin owns a small studio in Virginia. She’s been an ONBOARD 101 administrator for 3 years, but, unfortunately, never did much with it.


So, one day she decided that as long as she was paying for it, she was absolutely going to somehow MAKE IT WORK FOR HER..!


This is What She Did.


On a Tuesday evening last May, she attended her town meeting. At the end of the meeting was a period where townspeople could voice concerns, make public comments and announcements.


Marcie stepped up to the microphone and announced that she was going to give back to the community by allowing EVERYBODY to have ACCESS to her ONBOARD 101 PROGRAM– for FREE!


At first, there was some hesitation because the town supervisors thought there might be some liabilities or HIPAA confidentiality issues.


Anticipating this, Marcie brought her laptop, gave them a 5-minute demo and assured them it was simply an information resource. That’s it. And, it was voluntary.


So, the town accepted her GIFT.


Here’s Where it Gets AWESOME…


The next month, the town sent out their monthly newsletter to 23,000 residents via email and announced Marcie’s gift of Free Access to her ONBOARD 101 PROGRAM.


Now, if you’re not familiar with ONBOARD 101 the system requires a person to enter his or her name and email.


So, how many people do you think signed up..?


When I spoke Marcie, she told me she added more than 2,167 emails to her list all from her ONBOARD 101 PROGRAM!


I was so shocked that I asked my tech team to check out her ONBOARD 101 account. It was true.


YES… of course!


She picked up loads of new training clients and increased her group programming.


And, has brought on 2 new trainers to handle the load.


The ONBOARD 101 websites are not really intended to be “lead generators.” But, according to Marcie, her ONBOARD 101 has more than paid for itself many times over!


Super creative thinking. If you have something of value… that can be scaled… think of how you might convert it into a “lead generator.”


Other “Volume Lead Generators” include:


Email Sign-ups for your Live Seminars at:

  • Companies
  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Condos, Apts. Gated Communities
  • Hospitals, Family Practice
  • Business Orgs. Chamber, Kiwanis, Rotary, etc

Email Sign-ups for your Webinars
Re-directs from Social Media
Referrals from your existing list


If you have a “high-value” service or product, it makes sense to offer it for free if you know you’re going to make it up on the “back-end” with new clients, bigger training packages, new services and recurring revenue.


I guess we’ve come a long way from the free eBook!