How to Create MASSIVE Online Wealth Using Other People’s Money..!


Years ago when I was in my 30’s, I had a friend who was a fantastic business mentor.  His name was Thomas Madison — and he always offered incredible advice.


He was a Wall Street guy who accumulated enough wealth to not only retire, but enough for his wife and he to travel the world!




Here’s the thing about Wall Street guys… and it’s still true today.  They accumulate massive wealth using other people’s money.  Now that’s leverage!  And, it’s totally legal!




I bring this up, because, right now you have an opportunity to accumulate wealth using another person’s money….  MINE!


That’s right.  Just like a Wall Street professional, you can invest in YOURSELF by indirectly using the money I invested in the ONBOARD101 System. 


To help gain some perspective, let me share with you the actual costs of creating and building out a credible, content-rich, interactive web-based system of this caliber. 


After all, everything is either good or bad by comparison!


These are my actual costs and don’t include my TIME… (hundreds of hours of planning, meeting, scheduling, designing, wireframing, auditioning, editing, negotiating, beta testing, etc.)


  • $6,370 Content Collection and Writing (12 chapters)
  • $5,456 Peer-review, editing, revisions (12 chapters)
  • $1,623 Image licensing, animation licensing
  • $7,335 Video script-writing, editing (35 videos)
  • $23,439 Video production, editing, music (35 videos)
  • $4,097 Professional voice over, production, editing (35 videos)
  • $12,392 Website development, content conversion, integration, etc.
  • $1,200 High-speed network hosting, security, accounts mgmt. (monthly)

$61,912 — Total Production —  (hard costs – if I added my time it would be well over $100K. )




So, think about this as it relates to your business — as an investment.


As a health professional, you probably don’t have this kind of money just laying around.  Even if you did, you most likely have other priorities.  And, of course, it takes a specific skill set to keep a platform like this up and running


Now, here’s the difference — and, it’s the most important point about this incredible investment…  IT GENERATES REVENUE! 


And that’s what makes it such a great investment


YOU spend next-to-nothing on a $62,000 sophisticated, state-of-the-art system that’s already proven it can generate more than $15,000 in less than 24 hours


And, more than $58,000 in one night when bundled with additional programming.


Again, just think about that.  A small investment that can deliver HUGE DIVIDENDS!


A treadmill can’t do that.  Nor, can most things health pros are required to purchase in order to operate their businesses. 


The biggest investments made by most fit pros are related to equipment and other overhead items that do nothing but DEPRECIATE over time.



So, maybe you already recognize the future and are ready to expand your business ONLINE


But, you’re hesitant.


I don’t blame you. You should be.


Honestly, I see the same stuff that you see on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other websites


All the webinars, mastermind groups, coaching programs and other “how-to-take-your-business-online” hustles. 


That’s just it.  They attempt to teach you how…  but… YOU still have to BUILD IT!


And, the sad reality is most entrepreneurs STALL long before they ever get anything launched


Even with all the coaching, training and masterminds… building a SUCCESSFUL ONLINE BUSINESS remains a complicated and complex endeavor.  


Believe me.  I know!




Thomas Madison — offered another piece of great advice:  “Your best investments will be the ones for which you have particular passion.”


Spot on!


If you’re like me, you got into this business because you’re passionate about it.  You are truly motivated to help people with their physical, mental and maybe even spiritual wellbeing.  It’s where you find your own relevance. 


Only later does the reality of what it takes to financially operate your passion as a profitable business actually kick in.


Interestingly, what I’ve discovered after 30 years in this business is those with the most passion figure out how to survive.  It’s a process that includes:

  • Continued education and new certs 
  • Creating multiple profit centers 
  • Offering new services and programs to challenge clients
  • Ultimately, learning the absolute necessity of retention, referrals and recurring revenues.



And, now, that process includes expansion of your business online.  


Here’s the truth.  Within the health and fitness space, it’s not a matter of if but, a matter of when.


This is why the “Done-4-You” web-based platform – ONBOARD101  – is such a fantastic INVESTMENT that aligns with your passion

  • It’s already done
  • All the content.
  • All the technology
  • All the integration. 


EVERYTHING!!!  And, it’s BRANDED with YOUR LOGO (white label).


It’s a chance to USE SOMEONE ELSE’S MONEY to generate and accumulate your own wealth.


This ties into one last piece of advice from my friend and mentor, Thomas Madison:


“It’s only an opportunity if you recognize it.”