How to make BIG DECISIONS — are you in?


Quite often a single decision changes a person’s business… and his or her life FOREVER!


How about marriage?  That’s a big one!


What about quitting the 9-5 job to start your own business?  Big decision… right?


Whoa…. and having kids..?  Totally life-changing!


The ability to make BIG DECISIONS is one of the most overlooked attributes of successful entrepreneurs.


And, not just MAKING them… but, making the RIGHT ONES!


Over my 30 years in this business, I’ve seen all kinds of BAD BUSINESS DECISIONS resulting in business failure.


For example, every year, hundreds of trainers, studios and clubs simply decide to add new programming or equipment with NO THOUGHT or ANALYSIS given to how they will generate a RETURN on that investment


They just consider it a “cost of doing business.”


That’s a horrible decision!


Another bad decision is premature expansion without appropriate cash flow or capitalization to support it.  Happens all the time!


And, these days, there is ONE BIG DECISION affecting all health professionals.




For almost 100% of all health professionals today, the big decision revolves around going “ONLINE.” 


Not about whether or not to do it.   That’s a given.



Most fit pros already KNOW they need to get their fitness business ONLINE in one form or another.


The BIGGER QUESTION(s) is HOW to do it? 


There is no shortage of fitness marketing gurus and experts who sell coaching programs, how-to kits and video courses on how to “take your business ONLINE.”


Some of them are good, some are bad and some are just downright ugly!


Even the best of them often leave a health and fitness pro dazed and confused.




Because running a successful online fitness business – even in its simplest form —  requires a certain level of technology skill sets.




Now, when it comes to developing your “Online Business” this technology issue is the first “fork in the road” that requires a DECISION

The decision basically boils down to this: 


  • Do you spend the money to hire a professional web developer?


  • Do you learn the technology, yourself.


Of course, if you have no money, the decision is pretty easy! 


So, for the fit pro on a limited budget with no desire nor aptitude to learn how to code his or her own website this can be the end of the road.  Or, at least a formidable roadblock.


So, maybe the DECISION is to do NOTHING!


As I read more and more forums, contribute to Facebook groups and talk to dozens of professionals every week… this DECISION to do NOTHING prevails


But, it’s not for lack of desireDESIRE is at an all time high!




Yes, it’s true.  As you may already know I’ve been developing various technology products for more than 25 years — from simple WordPress websites to eCommerce sites to enterprise systems.



But, I’ve never seen so much desire for online solutions as there is right now


And, this desire is exactly what drove MY DECISION to develop a complete, done-for-you, plug n’ play web-based system called ONBOARD 101.


It’s a BIG DECISION, too!  Doing things this way (instead of using a WordPress platform) requires way more money, way more design and planning, way more coding and integration, etc.   I won’t bore you with all the details except to say, I believe it’s the RIGHT DECISION.


It literally is the SOLUTION for all health professionals who are at the fork-in-the-road with tons of desire — but limited on cash and skill sets.




So, now that our tech squad and I have made the RIGHT DECISION, it falls back onto the marketplace… in other words, YOU.


If you know how we roll out new products, you know that I ALWAYS REWARD the ACTION-TAKERS with insanely LOW PRICING and HUGE OVER DELIVERY.  Check out the BONUS MARKETING PACKAGE…!


Again, this gets down to not only making a DECISION, but, ACTING on it.


It’s so gratifying when we do this.  It reminds me that our goal is to SERVE.  It reminds me that our overall strategy is to help make our health and fitness partners SUCCESSFUL.  Even, if it means we are less profitable.  It pays off in so many other ways.


It’s also gratifying to create products that are proven successful right-out-of the-box.   ONBOARD 101 has already been integrated into a public school district in Colorado.  And, into a corporate wellness program at a Fortune 500 company.  (Neither of these were interested in profits.  They chose it for integrity).


So, if you are truly full of desire and want to start generating revenue with an ONLINE PLATFORM, then, the real DECISION is how much money do you want make this year?  


How much revenue do you think you can generate if you set it up for 100% AUTOMATED?  (Video #5)


How many people (even those who ONLY ONLINE) do you want to help by getting their “heads-on-straight” about the basic fundamentals of how their bodies actually function?


You’ll also note we offer three (3) different profit generating bundles:


The predictable part of the process is unfortunate


Hundreds of thousands of health and fitness professionals will decide to WAIT.  For whatever reason they just can’t make the DECISION right now. 


If you are on the fence about your ONLINE BUSINESS PRESENCE, I encourage you to at least take LOOK!


We offer a FREE no obligation, no credit card, no $1. dollar fee, no nothing, absolutely FREE 7-DAY TRIAL.  We’ll even BRAND your trial with YOUR LOGO.  And, you can also gain access to ONBOARD 101 as a CLIENT to experience exactly what your clients will see and learn.


This just might be a DECISION that will ELEVATE YOUR BUSINESS and literally change YOUR LIFE…!


If you’d like to learn how to BUILD an ONLINE BUSINESS on your own (DIY)… just click on the button below…!  It’s a FREE VIDEO COURSE!