How to BE DIFFERENT: Focus on 3 Words

3 Words

  • Present.
  • Convert.
  • Deliver.


There they are.  The THREE WORDS the most successful fitness professionals will live by this year.


These THREE WORDS will become their THEME.




And, if you’re interested in making mucho dinero…  they should become YOUR THREE WORDS, too!


Here’s why…. 


It’s because they will offset these other three words — or should I say THREATS — that could literally destroy a fitness business if the owner doesn’t pay attention to them.


They are:

  1. Competition. 
  2. Commoditization. 
  3. Distractions. 

WARNING:  This is a long post.  And, what I am about to share with you is written exclusively for health & fitness professionals who truly aspire to be the best-of-the-best in terms of positioning and marketing their businesses.


Let’s Start With the Threats to Your Business


Most health and fitness professionals focus only on their COMPETITION.


After all, it’s the most obviousRight? 


And, no wonder.


With the economy picking up  — just look at all the openings of new clubs, franchises, licensees, studios, trainers and others. 


It’s an incredible growth spurt. 


But, this growth also gives prospects lots of choices.


That means…

  • Prospects can shop around. 
  • Prospects can look for the best deal. 
  • Prospects can grind you to “sweeten” the deal.


So, you gotta lower your price.  Or, overcome that objection every time you talk to someone. 


“The guy down the street has a 6-Week Program for $100 dollars less.”


“Why should I choose you?”


It’s a tough one.  


Isn’t it?


But, that’s what COMPETITION looks like in a saturated market.


What Just Happened..?


This brings up the next big issue.  It’s obvious.


But, most fit pros don’t pay attention to it.  


Fitness has become a commodity.


You and I know there are tons of differences from trainer to trainer. 


From studio to studio.


From club to club.


But, that’s not how the public sees it. 


They just see FITNESS


That’s it.


Can you blame them?


Every January our industry becomes a cess pool of copycat programs offered at ridiculously low prices — like a desperate Walmart getting rid of dead inventory!


These crazy, low-priced offers empower prospects like circling sharks.  And, dilutes the fitness value proposition — to “commodity.”


So, don’t disregard commoditization.


It’s no longer just for physical products


Service-based businesses like fit pros, lawyers, accountants and even medical professionals have all been relegated to “commodity status.”


And, Finally…


Sorry to be such a “downer,” but…


It gets worse!


Read these words slowly… visualize each one….

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram 
  • Sports 
  • YouTube
  • Spotify
  • Gambling 
  • Netflix 
  • TMZ
  • Fashion 
  • Memes 
  • Games 
  • Pandora 
  • Politics 
  • Porn


And, whatever else your prospects are doing online.




No one really talks about “distractions.” 


In fact, I don’t think anyone realizes it’s the biggest threat of ’em all.




Because sales and marketing of YOUR FITNESS BUSINESS is all about your message.  


Your message has to compete against the latest viral video.


And, that skimpy dressed girl on Instagram.

“.. and how’d my fantasy team finish the weekend?”

“.. and what did Trump just tweet?”

“.. and which celebrity was just accused of sexual assault?”

“.. and how are my stocks doing today?”

“.. and did Bruno Mars finally release a new song?”


Texts, emails, phone calls plus a gazillion different apps…


See what I mean..?


Do you see what you’re up against?


All this stuff is just a “Click” away. 


Everything your prospects would rather be doing


Just think about this for one minute.


Let it sink in. 


I mean, this is complex, sophisticated stuff… but it’s REAL.


And, it’s happening right now!


If competitors and commoditization don’t get you… 


Distractions will


What to Do About It


O.K., so let’s talk about what YOU can — and SHOULD do about all this.  


And, let’s talk about a PROVEN STRATEGY. 


Yes… a set of tactics that have proven successful over and over again…


And, this strategy — supported by these tactics is even more critical in today’s competitive, overly saturated and digitally distracted fitness market place.


Back to the intial THREE WORDS




You Must Start Here…


It doesn’t matter what business you’re in, everything starts with presentation.  That means:

  • What you present
  • How you present
  • When you present
  • Why you present 
  • And, to WHOM you present.


In other words, PRESENTATION takes many forms. 


And, since you aspire to be the best-of-the-best, I’m just going to assume you already recognize the VALUE of being cohesively BRANDED.  If not, please CLICK HERE…


But, let’s not get bogged down with the multiple facets of “presentation.” 


Instead, let’s focus on the one form of presentation that will result in new clientsright away



Perhaps, just the thought of public speaking causes your heart to palpitate.


But, please, Please, PLEASE believe this:


Public speaking is the absolute #1 way to gain new members and clientsPERIOD.  


There are two reasons why: 

#1 — HOT TOPIC: With obesity rates and heart disease at an all-time high, Weight-Management is undeniably one of the most popular topics in the entire world!  This guarantees a super-high level of interest among a MASS AUDIENCE.   


Think about that the next time you’re at a dry cleaner or car mechanic or any of a thousand different businesses that have nothing to talk about.   You are an EXPERT on a topic that’s internationally popular and freakin’  “HOT – HOT – HOT!”    


What a marketing GIFT!


#2 — HOT PROSPECTS: People who attend your seminar literally pre-qualify themselves by virtue of just showing up! 


It’s a guarantee! 


Their attendance, alone, means they are all “HOT PROSPECTS.”   Another sales and marketing GIFT. 


How many businesses have the ability to attract a whole room full of HOT PROSPECTS ready to TAKE ACTION? 


Remember distractions? 


If you’re able to pull people from all of their distractions to attend your seminar, it’s because they are super interested in what you have to offer


In fact, if you don’t close at least 50% of the audience, you are definitely doing something wrong.  


One last word about public speaking:  


One of the best ways to learn how to public speak is to go through Toastmasters.  It’s a fantastic starting point.


Or… if you are truly “all-in” consider attending the #1 speaking workshop specifically designed for health and fitness pros like you:  Thomas Plummer’s Speaker School.


And, finally, if you want professionally produced, branded content as well as a comprehensive marketing package for your seminar… then please checkout the complete, done-for-you Weight-Management & Lifestyle Seminar Kit.


As you can see, presenting is an investment in yourself and in your business


It’s also an investment that requires a return.


You might think conversion is just a fancy word for sales


But, it’s different.


Sales can happen at any time for any reason whatsoever.  Like a walk-in.


But a conversion typically means you have time, money and effort invested in converting a person from a prospect to a buyer.


The top clubs, trainers and coaches always strive to increase their conversion rates.


Conversion Rates


Depending on the source there are varying statistics on conversion rates of the most popular marketing vehicles. 


Direct Mail:  According to some fitness marketing experts conversion rates for direct mail is five percent (5%).  Others confide it is less than two percent (2%).  So, the truth is somewhere in the middle.  And, frankly, I question whether these experts are talking about “conversion rates” or “response rates.”  


Just to clarify, I consider a conversion to be an actual sale.


Facebook: Wordstream, an online advertising agency, claims fitness facilities enjoy a fourteen percent (14%) conversion rate with paid Facebook advertising.  This is much higher than the average of nine percent (9%) across all industries.   


And, again, I question what they are calling a conversion.  Sometimes, they consider a completed opt-in form to be a conversion.  It’s not.  That’s a lead. 


Other online media:  Unfortunately there’s little conversion data on other online vehicles such as email funnel campaigns (ClickFunnels, Leadpages, InfusionSoft, etc), webinars and other online platforms like LinkedIn.   So, I won’t even speculate.


These conversion rates (if they are conversions) aren’t bad.  But, they don’t even come close to the minimum conversion rate of a LIVE EVENT SEMINAR at fifty percent (50%).


And, this is EXACTLY why the top .001% of health and fitness professionals present a seminar or public speak every chance they get.


Live event seminars result in the absolute highest conversion rates.


Want more proof..?


Why do you think the world’s top motivators like Tony Robbins, Michael Hyatt, John Maxwell, Grant Cardone, Les Brown and others ALL conduct live events…?




Closing the Sale


Yes, of course.


There are numerous ways to actually close a sale [conversion]


But, that’s a topic unto itself.


The point here is to reinforce the importance of conversion and conversion rates!


And, to explain why the most successful health and fitness professionals do NOT waste their time with low converting marketing tactics and activities.  


Instead, they invest in themselves, the training, tools and tactics that result in the highest conversion ratesPeriod.


One last word about conversions at a LIVE EVENT SEMINAR:  


At live event seminars, your goal is to convert immediately after your presentation.  Therefore, this is the one time you should NOT offer multiple packages at multiple price-points.  It’s too confusing and forces an audience to over-think.


One Offer – One Price…  

Remember, you’re looking for a commitment.   A simple “Yes” or “No.”   You can always offer various up-sell and down-sell packages after the conversion. 


Make sense..?


Good.  Let’s move on to the third word:


Eventually the rubber meets the road.


This should go without saying…. but, unfortunately, our industry is infested with “bait and switch” marketers.


It’s amazing how many fitness professionals come from sports backgrounds — where sportsmanship, ethics and integrity are core principles.


Yet, somewhere along the line, someone convinced us it’s O.K. to be deceptive in business.   We rationalized that it’s just “marketing.”


It’s not O.K.  And, it never will be.


Yes, there might be a short-term financial gain.


But… if ever there is “karma” it’s in business — and most especially with client/member relationships. 


Believe me.  The most successful businesses in world are built upon core values and principles centered on the truth.


If you desire long-term, sustainable success, then, go back to your roots.  Those core principles.


It’s absolutely imperative you do whatever it takes to deliver on your promise.”


Nonetheless, this gets tricky when presenting solutions and protocol for weight-management.


Words Matter…


How often have you seen fitness marketers offering metrics like, “Lose 10 pounds in just two weeks!”  


Oh, sure, it’s doable. 


Hell, I can duct tape your mouth, tie you to a tree and feed you once a day.  You’ll lose 10 pounds, alright!


Sure it’s the truth, but it’s pure nonsense.


Fitness industry marketing experts continue to preach: “SELL RESULTS!” 


And, I don’t disagree with that message… unless it includes undeliverable metrics.


So, don’t do it.


Focus on the promises you CAN DELIVER:

  • “You’ll feel more vibrant, alive and energized…”
  • “You’ll sleep better at night…”
  • “You’ll release every day stresses from your body…”
  • “You’ll lose body fat and tone muscle at the same time…”
  • “You’ll transform your body….”
  • “Your family, friends and co-workers will notice a different YOU…”
  • “You’ll have the tools to manage your weight and overall health forever…”


Deliverables result in Referrals…


As noted, there are a gazillion reasons to deliver on your promise.  And, beyond the issue of “character” is the fact that all service-based businesses are very much affected by word-of-mouth.


Treat people badly… or over-promise and under-deliver — you’ll soon feel the wrath of dissatisfied clients and members.


On the other hand, treat them like gold, deliver on your promises and you’ll have a never-ending source of referrals.  


There it is…


If you read this far, well… thank you!    


All of this to explain these 3 words!

  • Present
  • Convert
  • Deliver


But, it’s more than that. 


It’s a strategy based on solid, proven tactics


Present, convert and deliver.  It’s a “Success” theme


Present, convert and deliver.  Make it your mantra.


Three words, that if executed, will offset the competition, commoditization and distractions affecting all fitness businesses.


Three words, that if executed, will most definitely, DRIVE your business forward toward growth and profitability — RIGHT NOW!


If you have specific questions, feel free to contact me.

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