How to Succeed at Everything!

True success is not based on smarts –  even though it’s helpful. 


It will never be achieved just because you joined a Mastermind group or attended a bunch of workshops and live events — even though they are awesome.


Seriously, success is typically determined by something much more simple…


Here’s an example:


Two Different Reactions


A shoe company wants to expand.


So, it sends its two top salespeople to Africa.


A day later, the first sales guy reports back…


“Bad news,” he says, “They don’t even wear shoes over here!”


“What a waste of time!”


Then, an hour later, the second sales pro calls in.


“Great news,” he exclaims!  “No one has any shoes over here!”


“Everyone’s a buyer!”




There it is!


Your Life, Your Business is all Determined by YOUR MINDSET.


Two people.  Exact same situation.  Totally opposite outlooks.


We are all slaves to our own particular outlooks.


I am.  You are.


And, it controls your every move.  Your every decision.


Ultimately, it affects your results.


Here’s some great advice….


If you’re NOT where you want to be in your business —  or in your life…


If you suspect your attitude isn’t doing you any favors… then,



Find evidence that perhaps your outlook is WRONG.


See if you might be better off believing SOMETHING ELSE.


Maybe even the EXACT OPPOSITE.


And, if you see a new path… well, TRY IT.


I know this sounds a little weird, but…


Every day you really need to think about the way you THINK!


You simply can NOT let your limiting thoughts throw you in the back seat.


And, here’s a little secret…

…this is exactly how you separate yourself from the herd.


Think about how you think:  

  • Every situation
  • Every decision
  • Every day


A Simple Exercise that Could Change Your Life


With my consulting clients, we perform this simple little exercise. 


We change the word “got” to get.”  


Instead of, “I’ve got to wash my car today” — we change to  “I get to wash my car today.”


I’ve got to go grocery shopping —  I get to go grocery shopping! 


I’ve got to review my financials with my accountant  —  I get to review my financials with my accountant!


Amazing how just one word (actually just one letter) changes everything!


If you like this exercise, then spread it all over your life like butter on bread..!


It could literally change your life — and, perhaps even put you on the road toward SUCCESS!