Get Branded for Fitness Referrals, Fitness Revenue and Fitness Retention

  • Do YOU want to generate new profits?
  • Do YOU want to build referrals?
  • Do YOU want to increase retention?
  • Do YOU seriously want to increase margins, grow your business and add value to your BRAND?  
  • Do YOU want to differentiate yourself from all competitors..?
  • Are YOU ready to play “big league ball” as a world-class marketer..?

Then, get up from whatever you’re doing, right now… and observe what the most successful businesses do with their brands. 



apple_logoThat’s right.  Go to an Apple Retail store and see for yourself… how a brand builds a World-Class Business ECOSYSTEM.

Take a look around.  Do you see any products from Samsung?  Any Sony?  Any Microsoft..?  NOPE!

appleecoAll you see is APPLE… APPLE… APPLE everywhere!

And, for good reason.  APPLE has EVERYTHING YOU NEED.   It’s a complete ECOSYSTEM

The result is that most people who purchase an Apple product like an iPhone will most likely purchase an Apple iPad or MacBook and will probably purchase things from iTunes and from the online Apple Store.  Once inside the ECOSYSTEM, it’s only a matter of time before you purchase Apple TV.

Do you see how effective this is?  Once you’re into the APPLE ECOSYSTEM… you have NO REASON to go anywhere else.  They’ve got EVERYTHING you need!  They’ve made it SIMPLE for YOU!

Another example: 

Visit a Porsche dealership and look around.  Apple_Porsche

What you’ll see is lots of branded merchandise with their LOGO

Everything from Porsche key chains and sun glasses to official Porsche “driving shoes.”   

But the truth is, a brand goes much deeper than just “looking professional.”

It’s a true display of COMMITMENT

What Most Clubs and Studios Do…

Compare the APPLE ECOSYSTEM and the PORSCHE DEALERSHIP to your own physical location

  • Do you have your own BRANDED line of products? 
  • Do you have EVERYTHING your clients need and want? 
  • Have you made it SIMPLE for THEM?

The Costco / Walmart Model

Most clubs and studios look more like a grocery store.  All kinds of different brands in the pro shop.  From Nike and Under Armor apparel to dozens of brands of supplements. 

Does this feel PROFESSIONAL? Does this feel like a SIGNATURE SERVICE?  Nope!

Walmart_SmallGo to a Walmart.  Does it evoke the same feeling you experience at the Apple Store or Porsche dealership?   Nope. 

Walmart, Costco and Target all represent cheap prices on commodity products.  And, in the fitness business, that space is already filled by Planet Fitness, 24-Hour Fitness and other low cost players.

How Prospects and Clients Perceive You…

How you leverage your BRAND will absolutely determine how people will perceive you, as a health professional or facility.

If you believe, as I do, that CLIENT RETENTION is the “KEY” to a successful fitness business (or any service-based business), then, you understand why we go to such great lengths to help you build your own BRANDED FITNESS ECOSYSTEM.

BRANDED FITNESS ECOSYSTEM looks and feels more credible” and “professional” in the eyes of your prospects.  Period.

And, as a result, it attracts more high net-worth clients willing to pay a premium for your products and services Simple as that.

Just think about this one fact:

More than 87% of all health professionals, studios and clubs actually SEND THEIR CLIENTS AWAY to a retailer for nutritional supplements.  That’s just giving money away.

With your own BRANDED FITNESS ECOSYSTEM you can offer your clients or members your own line of products.