How to Automate Passive Income ONLINE….


Almost every single fitness business owner I know is trying to figure out how to streamline and add more online automation to his or her business. 


In fact, this is true of ALL small business owners.


And why not?


After all, with online automation you can:

  • Increase your productivity
  • Decrease your labor costs 
  • Increase your profit margins


Seems simple enough…. right?


But, then, there’s this…


The most frustrated, “tear-your-hair-out” people I know are the same business owners trying to figure out how to streamline and add more online automation to their businesses!!! 


And, I know why…


For the most part, it’s the technology.


All the integrations with shopping carts, payment gateways, transaction processing, re-directs, funnels, lead magnets, email captures… all that STUFF! 


Who’s got the time..?


Seriously… who has the time to learn all this stuff?  And, quite frankly…the technology is becoming more and more sophisticated.


And, that means it’s NOT getting any easier.


More time or money?


Even though I advocate learning as much as you can, the reality comes down to this: 

  • If you have more time than money… then SPEND that time learning the technology.
  • If you have more money than time… then, SPEND the money to hire someone who can do it for you.


Or..  you can do this…


The Third Option


The third option is where a lot of entrepreneurs land.  

  • You don’t have the time or the money!


So, that’s when opting for a DONE-FOR-YOU platform is the most cost effective and time efficient solution.


Here’s why…


As an entrepreneur… especially a “start-up” business — you need to start generating cash as soon as possible. 


After all, you probably spent a bunch of money on the actual start-up costs, lease, equipment, marketing, etc.  So, now cash flow is your HIGHEST PRIORITY.


Plug ‘n Play Profits

Done-For-You, Plug ‘n Play platforms like ONBOARD 101 and the new eCommerce / Drop Ship Program are fantastic solutions at generating instant cash


All the technology and functionality is completely finished.  So, you can be up and running in a day! 


Just Sell It!


There is only one challenge.  You still need to “sell it” in order to generate the revenue


Or, if “selling” is not your thing, then, embed these platforms into your programming.


Here’s how Lisa Wheeler sold 17 programs at $97 each —  for a total of $1,649.  This not only paid for the program, itself, but put a bunch of cash into the business… with NO additional labor. 


There are so many options for entrepreneurs in the health and fitness space.   I’ve just outlined 3 of them.


But, no matter which you pick, you must get moving… NOW.  Our industry is accelerating at an incredible pace.


Each week I receive phone calls from fit pros who feel like they just woke up and the industry passed them by. 


I reassure everybody, it’s never too late.  But, you need to get started.


And, right now is a good time to pull the trigger!