How to Drive Traffic To Your Website


Rule #1 for all “Online Businesses” as well as physical businesses attempting to boost their “online presence” is: 


Blog, Blog, Blog!


And, then:  Post, Post, POST on social media!

Here’s Why…


Brand Engagement: As an online marketer, one of your biggest priorities is to keep people ENGAGED with YOUR BRAND


In other words, keep them coming back to your website… over and over again.   And the the best way to do that is by offering new and relevant content on a constant and consistent basis.


SEO Rankings:  Every night Google and other search engines send their little “bots” out to scan the entire internet. 


This is how they index your website’s ranking.  While they look for hundreds of variables –  the very FIRST THING they look for is “FRESH CONTENT.” 


If your website hasn’t added anything new in over six months… or even a month, they simply bury you in the rankings


So, BLOGGING is an excellent way to keep your website more highly indexed in the rankings.


Drive Traffic to Your Website Blog

By now, we all know that the bulk of “eyeballs” are spending a ton of time on social media.  Most especially Facebook and Instagram.


So, this little video tutorial shows you how to easily and quickly re-direct some of those people — hopefully your prospects — from social media —> to your website.

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