How to Physically Imprint YOUR BRAND and Build Your Tribe Culture


A while ago I posted a CHALLENGE on Facebook.


The reason I posted it was because I had just returned from a studio in Riverside, California where, once again, I noticed something.


And, this “something” is very common among boutique fitness studios throughout the entire world.



And here it is:  Once a person enters the facility and looks around inside, there is almost NO BRANDING or LOGO on anything.  


It’s as if the mindset of the owner is: “Once I have you inside, there’s no reason to conduct any marketing whatsoever.”



Take the branding challenge!



 I know it’s NOT the mindset. But, it looks that way to me (and your clients and prospects).


For the most part, it’s just plain lack of business and marketing experience.  An oversight!


We’ve become such a “sales-driven” industry that actual marketing and even the most simplistic “logo imprinting” has been relegated to the very bottom of the “priorities” list.


How to IMPRINT Your Brand


Responding to my Facebook CHALLENGE, Brian Whelan, owner of FootHill Gym in Monrovia, California, sent to me some examples of his branding.   This is “good stuff!” 


None of it is terribly expensive.  And, some of it is incredibly clever and creative!



Let’s start with the simple things… like plastic tags with YOUR LOGO or BUSINESS NAME imprinted on them. 



It may be simple but it’s effective:  Yes… even little plastic tags that people can use for their gym bags, car keys and other things where you want your BRAND to remain “top-of-mind.”    Simple, right?  


Here’s a resource link for imprinted key chains:  CLICK HERE…


Windows and Walls!


Some studios love clear windows to let light in.  But, others, (depending on location) have learned their clients are uncomfortable with windows allowing non-member “passer-bys” to stare in at them during their workouts.  So, they cover their windows.  

If that’s the case with you, then, what a great opportunity to imprint your brand with a branded window cling

Beyond windows are your walls.  


Derek Falk owner of FitNatik in Palm Desert, California created an excellent accent wall using his BRAND.


This wall not only imprints his BRAND, but look how much it livens up the room.  Could you do this..?



Couldn’t you display your brand and/or reflect your BRAND colors?  Again, imprinting is like “water torture” —  drip… drip… drip… imprint…. imprint... imprint!  

Here are a few resources for window clings:

For more resources, just Google: “Window Clings”


Tote Bags

It’s amazing how effective a simple branded Tote Bag can be.  Just think about how people, today, are now taking their tote bags to the grocery stores instead of using plastic bags. 


If the tote bag is BRANDED with YOUR LOGO (and website info), then you are literally creating a “walking, talking army” of marketing representatives roaming the isles of the grocery store! 


And, the beach.  And, sporting events.  And, school….Wherever!


Here’s what Brian has to say about his branded string bags:


Resources for imprinted string bags:

Even Decals..!

Another clever marketing tactic from Brian are his Foothill Gym decals. 


Yup… decals!  


He gives them away for FREE if you allow him to place it on the back window of your car!  And, guess what.  Most of his members and clients allow him to do it.  Their cars wear the BRAND proudly! 


Now… that’s marketing!   Just imagine how many impressions are delivered by the fleet of cars displaying the Foothill Gym Brand all around Brian’s market area.  Parking lots… gas stations… traffic lights…


The Wrap

Of course, not to be outdone by his own members, Brian walks-the-walk with his own vehicle. 


I know many club owners think that car wraps are too loud.  


But, listen… it’s a super noisy world.   Especially in the fitness business!


So, as a fitness business owner, you really need to BRAND ABOVE THE NOISE!


Wear it Like a Champ!


Do we really need to talk about branded apparel..?


Here’s what I tell my consulting clients.   


“If you’re not at least wearing your own logo on your own polos or T-shirts, then, you’re not even in the game.   You are literally sitting on the bench!”


Take a look at Dale Benedict (center) and his crew at The Training Studio in Louisville, KY.   



Not only does The Training Studio professional staff wear branded apparel (in several different configurations) but so do his clients and members.   


In fact, over the 25 years that I’ve known Dale, he’s developed an incredibly loyal tribe (almost a cult) at his two successful locations. 


And, it ‘s not just T-shirts.  Brian’s club sells workout belts! 


Branded Accessories

Once again, I sincerely hope you’ll take your own personal “field trip” to visit an Apple retail store or a Porsche, Ferrari or Tesla dealership. 


These PREMIUM BRANDS all carry their own premium branded accessories.  


If you are a boutique studio, then, this is the type of BRANDING and LOGO IMPRINTING that will not only position you as a PREMIUM SERVICE…. but, will absolutely imply your AUTHORITY and EXPERT positioning within the industry. 

And, the best part.. it will generate REVENUE!




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