Advantages of Private Label Brands for Health and Fitness Professionals


Health and Fitness is one of the most competitive industries on the planet.  It’s no secret that thousands of studios, clubs and independents close their doors every single year.


So, it only makes sense that top health and fitness marketers do everything possible to stay ahead of the pack. 


If YOU, as a HEALTH PROFESSIONAL choose to “stand out” from the crowd and remain financially viable, then, GROUND ZERO is to create, develop and grow a unique BRAND


It’s your IDENTITY.   The shorthand The symbol of EVERYTHING for which YOU and YOUR BUSINESS STAND.




There’s an awesome lesson to be learned from vending machines.  If you stare at one for an hour… nothing much happens.

But, if you visit it once a month and unlock the coin collector… a ton of money falls out…  like MAGIC!


That’s the beauty of a PASSIVE PROFIT STREAM.   


It doesn’t make a “killing” at every purchase.  But, it all adds up cumulatively over time


Time that doesn’t require your attention whatsoever.  Except for once a month, when, like clock work, you collect the money and add it to your financial bottom line.




Branded passive profit centers are the best of all — and, they’re powerful. That’s because beyond revenue, it helps BUILD and increase AWARENESS of YOUR BRAND.


Top health and fitness marketers create and promote as many BRANDED PASSIVE PROFIT CENTERS as possible




A fitness club, studio or independent health professional should NEVER market the same products found at retail stores or on the web or distributed via an MLM program.  


Health professionals like YOU are the experts! 


Why would you ever want to be lumped in with Walmart or GNC or any number of retail venues.  It’s just crazy.   


Plus, there’s way too much competition with too many marketers who DISCOUNT the EXACT SAME PRODUCTS! 


As a health expert, you should carry your OWN EXCLUSIVE BRANDED fitness products and accessories.   


And, you should always position YOUR BRAND as the highest level, super-premium product.


From BRANDED apparel and supplements to your own BRANDED fitness apps.   Sure, it’s an investment, but with your own branded products, you can charge a premium price with no fear of a competitor under-cutting your price. 




With your own BRANDED products, you build VALUE and EQUITY into your entire BUSINESS.


Listen to the experts.  Most will tell you that operating a successful business it’s not just about generating revenue and increasing cash flow.

A successful business must continually increase the VALUE of the BRAND.  In other words, it’s crucial to build BRAND EQUITY —  especially if you plan to attract investors and/or get the attention of potential buyers



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