Why Facebook is Failing You and What To Do About It….

Someone needs to come right out and say it. 


So, it might as well be me.


—> Facebook is failing you.


But, before I get into WHY this is happening…. let’s just start with the BIG question


How much money have you spent on Facebook Ads — and what was your return on that spend?

  • “Likes” don’t count
  • “Shares” don’t count
  • “Comments” don’t count

And, honestly, I don’t count LEADS, either.


The only thing that REALLY counts is CONVERSIONS — or  SALES!


Maybe You’re a Facebook Expert…


O.K., — Before anyone starts hammering me for being negative about Facebook…  I understand that maybe you’re a Facebook Guru and you’re attracting and closing tons of new clients with Facebook Ads.


Or maybe you have a gazillion people in your Facebook Group.  


Seriously, if that’s the case, then, you are to be commended.   You’ve figured it out and cracked the code!   I applaud your success.


What I Hear… Constantly


On the other hand, I speak with more than 100 health professionals every week.  And, frankly, that’s not THEIR story.  Not even close.

Sound familiar…?


Maybe you’re in the same boat — so let’s break it down.


Facebook is a Public Company


Frankly, if you’re losing your mind (and money) attempting to get more clients with Facebook… well, perhaps it’s time to take a hard look at what Facebook really is.  


In terms of “eyeballs” and “Active Daily Users” and social media marketing, Facebook is the 900lb gorilla in the room.


But, despite Mark Zuckerberg’s claims of wanting “world peace” through “connecting” people — the reality is Facebook is no more altruistic than Amazon.  It’s ALL about the money.


Facebook is a “FOR PROFIT” public company –  with the sole purpose of increasing revenue and value for themselves and their shareholders.


Another BIG Question


Yes, of course, there are some trainers, coaches, clubs and studio owners who have been successful with Facebook Ads.  I will never dismiss their success. 


I applaud it.  And hope they continue to convert Facebook leads into new clients.



But when I ask them how they did it, there are typically just two responses:


  • “I spent hours upon hours learning how to create the right offer, how to target specific audiences, how to design compelling ads, how to write appealing copy, how to build landing pages, how to construct marketing funnels….”


Or, this:


  • “I hired somebody.”


So, if you decide to pursue Facebook ads, you need to decide whether you have the TIME to figure it all out… or if you have the MONEY to hire an expert.


Most health professionals have neither!


Frustrated Facebook Gurus…



Even among the Facebook Advertising Experts there is a growing level of frustration. 


Here’s why:


Facebook continually changes the rules. 


And, in 2018, under political and legislative pressure over privacy, they changed things big-time.  Among Facebook experts, 2018 has been coined, “the year of the Facebook Apocalypse.”


As a result of several revised algorithms, you may have noticed:

  • Organic reach is dead.  
  • Groups have been throttled.
  • Paid advertising is cost prohibitive 


Yes, even paid advertising no longer delivers a reasonable ROI for small businesses.


The fact is, Facebook has all the power (900lb gorilla).


Facebook — the “Landlord”


Imagine renting an apartment where each month the landlord increases the rent.


Or, changes the rules.  One month pets are allowed but not the next month.  Or, visitor parking one month but gone the next.


What if the landlord rejected your furniture or the pictures you wanted to hang on the walls?


That’s the POWER that Facebook wields.


They constantly change the rules.


They constantly increase the rates to reach the same number of people in the same target audiences.


They can approve or reject your ads and do whatever they want —  whenever they want. 


As a result, entire marketing campaigns, client engagements and conversions are literally at the mercy of the platform’s landlord: Facebook.


The Unspoken Agreement


This is the unspoken agreement we all have with social media platforms. 


You can access for free… but, you must pay and play by their ever-changing rules.


For a while, this trade-off was equally equitable for everyone.  It was legit.


But, not any more.  It’s become lopsided.  


What to Do About It.


By no means is Facebook going away.  Nor, will marketing experts stop using it.


However, among marketing circles and mastermind groups the “hot topic” is finding alternatives to third-party platforms like Facebook and other social media. 


Home Ownership Vs. Rental



One alternative strategy that’s consistently put forward is based around the same metaphor mentioned above:


Home Ownership vs. Renting


It’s used to reframe and visualize the value proposition between your own properties and third-party platforms.


Think of it like this.  Your website is YOUR PROPERTYSocial Media is an APARTMENT.


You can build equity and create value with YOUR OWN PROPERTY.    You can NOT build equity or create value with an APARTMENT


You simply throw money at it.


Big Time, Long-Term Forward Thinking


The forward thinking internet marketing experts have purposely shifted their strategies toward creating more value in their OWN  PROPERTIES  (websites, blogs, hosted forums, etc) rather than continually throwing money at non-equity RENTAL PROPERTIES (like Facebook or other social media).


Alwyn and Rachel Cosgrove discuss this at their Results University and mentorship programs.  (FYI, a great investment in your business).


Their fitness studio, Results Fitness, participates in all kinds of local marketing events that DRIVE new prospects to their WEBSITE — not toward social media.   


—  The NEW MARKETING GOAL is to build EQUITY and VALUE in YOUR OWN PROPERTY (website).  —


In the near future, health professionals will use Facebook, Instagram and other social media (RENTAL PROPERTIES) organically (free of charge) for their groups to showcase their client achievements (group members) as well as their facilities.


New Platforms, Plug-ins and Property Improvements


Many developers are working on new platforms (SAAS) that will look, feel and function like Facebook, but will be tied to your website. 


With these platforms, you’ll always own and have access to whatever images, files and other assets you might upload to it.  Sort of like a functioning, interactive Dropbox.


I’ve also been told we may see the return of the “FORUM.”  Remember those?  


WordPress plugin developers are working on a newer version of forums that will allow members to interact, share ideas and basically function in the same manner as a Facebook Group.


The BIG difference being the forum group will be interacting on YOUR PROPERTY (website) without the ominous “big brother” overseeing everything and potentially “harvesting” information from your tribe members. 


That’s all future stuff. 


What About Today…?


However, there are two (2) major tactics you can deploy TODAY — as alternatives to Facebook marketing.  


And, by getting started NOW you’ll be way ahead of the crowd as other health and fitness marketers begin to seek alternatives to the social media monopoly.




If the new marketing goal is to direct traffic to YOUR OWN PROPERTY (website), then, it only makes sense that it must be interesting 


There MUST be a compelling REASON for people to continually and consistently visit your websiteresulting in up-sells, referrals and retention.


Hence the new push toward CONTENT MARKETING.


Most health and fitness websites are formulaic and look the same.  The ABOUT US, the TESTIMONIALS, the SERVICES OFFERED, a SCHEDULE, the OPT-IN box, the FREE SESSION or CONSULT,  etc.   


Almost all of it leads up to the familiar “Buy Now” or “Schedule a Session” linear progression (this is rapidly becoming a legacy strategy).


Content marketing is different. 


Content marketing appeals to both existing and prospective clients.   


Content marketing offers a ton of useful, actionable information.  It allows a visitor to become familiar with YOU and YOUR TEAM — thus turning a cold audience into warm or even hot leads.  


Finally, and, this is super-important:  Unlike the ever popular “marketing funnels” where visitors are “herded” through an organized linear sales progression  — content marketing gives the visitor CONTROL over what he or she wants to glean from your site. 


This “power shift” of CONTENT CONTROL is HUGE!  But, that’s a topic for another day.


Content marketing could include: 

  • Recipes: Meals Shakes
  • Cooking Tips
  • Lifestyle Advice
  • Motivational eBooks
  • Home Exercise Videos
  • Podcasts
  • New Research
  • Infographics
  • Before and After Case Studies
  • Product Reviews
  • Information Handouts
  • Community Forums

And, this is just the beginning…. 


Credible health and fitness professionals have SO MUCH to offer in terms of INFORMATION and CONTENT related to healthy lifestyle and positive living


Content Marketing is the new direction for all internet marketers.   


And, YOU, as a health and fitness professional — are super well positioned to take advantage of it — and benefit.


I know this sounds self-serving, but this is EXACTLY why I developed the Digital Welcome Kit and Onboard 101 platforms.  


Both are all about CONTENT.  Beyond content, Onboard 101 is an excellent revenue generator as well!


STEP #2:  Overcoming Digital Fatigue with LIVE EVENTS



Another little known TRUTH among internet marketers is the growing level of social media fatigue. 


While millennials will never tire of social media — other demographics including Gen X, Boomers and teenagers are showing signs of weariness and discontent.  


Across the board, people are beginning to seek more personal “connectedness”— especially with those from whom they seek advice and/or self-improvement.


And, no other marketing tactic provides more connectedness than a live, in-person event.


It could be a:

  • Workshop
  • Seminar
  • Lunch & learn
  • House party
  • Grocery store field trip
  • Corporate presentation
  • Health fair

…. or any kind of live event where you are “belly-to-belly” and “eyeball-to-eyeball” with your audience. 


Why do you think Tony RobbinsGrant Cardone, John Maxwell and thousands of motivational speakers all hold LIVE EVENTS?  


It’s because LIVE EVENTS are impactful.  They allow attendees to get up close and personal to learn more about the speaker.  It motivates attendees to TAKE ACTION.


How about our industry..   


Thomas Plummer, Alwyn and Rachel Cosgrove (Results University) Sean Greely (NPE) Pat Rigsby (Ideal Business) and others all present LIVE EVENTS. 




Because they hope to motivate and attract attendees to become long-term consulting clients or join their mastermind groups, or purchase additional products or services


It’s the same reason almost all session speakers offer live presentations for free at IHRSA, CLUB Industry and hundreds of other fitness trade events.  


They want to personally motivate you into further INTERACTION with them. 


And, they know that a live, person-to-person presentation is the absolute best way to build a relationship with you. 


You Can Do the Exact SAME THING..!


If you’ve been a fitness partner with me for a few years (or maybe all 30 years!) then, you already know what I’m about to say. 


The absolute #1 BEST MARKETING TACTIC for Health Coaches and Fitness Pros is a LOCAL, LIVE EVENT SEMINAR on, (yes, you guessed it) WEIGHT MANAGEMENT. 




Dollar-for-dollarhour-for-hour —  a Weight-Management Seminar or Workshop will return the biggest bang for your bucks — and your time.  Yes…. more than any other marketing tactic available.  

Did you know Weight-Management is the second most popular topic in the world?  (just behind wealth-building).  


Yes, it’s true.  


This popular topic is a MARKETING GIFT to all health professionals who offer weight-management services.  It allows you to go out into the public and project your expertise, leadership and authority position.


Just count how many other businesses who DON’T have such an advantage.  Car mechanics, dry cleaners, pet groomers, locksmiths, house cleaners, tree trimmers, plumbers, electricians, masons, carpet installers…. shall I go on..?


Yet, even with this HUGE advantage less than .001% of health professionals actually offer any kind of live event presentations.


This opportunity is just waiting for you.  (watch this 7-minute video)


And, even with a mediocre presentation, I GUARANTEE you will close, convert into sales, at least 50% of your audience.


If you don’t convert at least 50% of your attendees,  I will personally go over your presentation with you to identify what went wrong in the presentation or sales process – and provide the coaching required to hit those numbers — (** you must video record your presentation for review).


Proof of Success… the Bar Has Been Set!


Steve Nunno has set the bar with his incredible SEMINAR SUCCESS. 


His presentation generated more than $58,000 of programs sales in one night.  It ended up being $71,000 after 3 days.  You can read his story here.


Want MORE PROOF of how POWERFUL a live event seminar can be?


Check out Jenny’s story.  —>  CLICK HERE…


With her “Finally…. The Truth About Weight-Management”  seminar, she closed more than $15,000 in under two hours.  It’s just crazy!



Conclusion: Is Facebook Really Failing YOU..?


So this is one of the longest posts I’ve ever published.   Since you’ve read this far… I want to thank you so much. 


I truly hope this helps put things in perspective.


Contrary to the title of this post… and, at the risk of being a hypocrite — in the end, I really don’t think Facebook is failing anybody


It is what it is – a monolithic platform with millions of eyeballs flittering all over the place. 


Facebook never made any claims.  Facebook didn’t make any promises.  Facebook didn’t guarantee anybody they would be successful by advertising on their platform. 




But, like a herd of sheep (me included), we believed everything we heard about Facebook — and how it’s the “bomb”  — and that we could generate more leads and conversions than any other marketing vehicle.


And, some did.  But, not most.


There are marketing strategies and tactics much more effective than Facebook advertising.  And, they’ve always been there. 


Just waiting for YOU.


Yes, they require a lot of hard work and execution.  But, will most likely deliver better, measurable results (ROI).


I hope you’ll consider TAKING ACTION on these two proven tactics that not only work 100% of the time, but could potentially elevate your business to levels you’ve only dreamed about!


All 2,300 words of this post can be boiled down to just four:

1.)  Content Marketing

2.)  Live Events





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