The Testimonial Challenge..




It just goes to show I am NOT above a bribe! (I mean…. “promotion!”)! 


And, it’s “ON” for the entire month of MARCH!


I’m adding testimonials to our website.  But, this time, it’s VIDEO testimonials – starting with JOURNALS. 


So, here’s the deal… 


First off… I would be absolutely honored if you would offer a few kind words.  It means a lot to me.


But, I really want to reward you for the time and effort since I’m asking for more than a few kind words….


If you are currently using (or used in the past) our Journals with your clients —  and are willing to provide a VIDEO TESTIMONIAL… 


I’ll send to you 10 of the 8-Week Journals ($119.90 value) or 8 of the 12-Week Journals ($119.92 value) for FREE!


I’ll even pick-up the SHIPPING!   So it’s TOTALLY FREE!


If this is your first purchase, you can still take advantage of this offer.   After you receive your JOURNALS… just send a testimonial video of “what you think of them” before MARCH 31 — and I’ll refund the equivalent dollar amount of your purchase immediately after I receive your video!!!


1.)  A pro camera is always best.  BUT, you can use your mobile phone, iPad, Tablet, Laptop or Desktop (built-ins) .  If using a smart device, please hold it HORIZONTAL as that’s the video frame we use.


2.)  If you don’t have a microphone, please be close enough to your recording device that we can HEAR what you’re saying.  [Bad audio = bad video.]


3.)  If you’re comfortable wingin’ it, then, please feel free to ad lib whatever you’d like to say! 


4.)  Don’t worry.  I plan to edit the videos… so it’s doesn’t have to be perfect!




You might even have someone actually ask you these questions… so it’s even more spontaneous!  


1.)  Introduce yourself with both first and last name as well as a brief description of your business —  and if you have one handy, please show your Branded Journal.


2.) What issues did you experience with clients before using the Journals?  [Clients not being accountable?  Clients not achieving results?  Wanting to initiate new habits?  Other?]


3.) When did you discover the Journals?  


4.) How did you discover the Journals? 


5.)  How do the Journals help YOU and/or YOUR CLIENTS?


6.)  What ONE THING do you like best about the Journals? 


7.)  Are there other benefits to using the Journals… (branding, referrals, follow-ups, education, marketing, corporate leave behinds, etc.)? 


8.)  Would you recommend the Journals to other health and fitness professionals as a way to help their clients as well as benefit their businesses?


 9.)  Anything else you’d like to add…?


10.)  FYI:  If you want to add a CLIENT who actually uses the JOURNAL…. to your video… just go for it!   


Please don’t worry about making the “Perfect Video.”   I will be editing all of them into a “master reel” so if there’s a goof, I’ll edit it out.  


Trust me, I’ll make you look awesome…!!!




Just have some fun… and don’t overthink it.  Relaxed and happy is always the best!


When completed, you can send to my email address:


OR… if it’s a big file, (over 20mb) just use  (mobil or desktop) as it will accommodate files up to 2 GIGS.


Or… just call me and I’ll walk you through the upload process:   (714) 404-1800


If you are currently using JOURNALS… I hope you’ll participate.  And, I can’t wait to send you a free bundle of them for your trouble. 


I’ll be doing the same for supplements and digital products in upcoming months.  


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