How to Build a Fitness Brand – Part 2


When you decide to build and project a fitness brand one of the most important considerations will be your choice of colors and type of fonts.


Who knew colors and fonts could be so impactful?


But it’s true!


For example, what colors would you use if the target market (avatar) for your fitness business was “women over age 35?” 


Or, what colors for a body-building gym or a martial arts studio?


And, then, what fonts would you use?


Different Strokes for Different Folks

What combination of colors represents your brand character?



What do you think of the color selection for these brands…?



The Two Basic Font Styles


Even though there are hundreds of thousands of different fonts, they can all be boiled down to just two different categories.  Serif and Sans Serif. 



Serif Typefaces:


These typefaces are distinguished by the little decorative stroke that extends from letters.  It can be in the form of a tail, sharp or blunt, decorative or plain.


You’ll also note that within the letters themselves, the strokes may alternate between thick and thin


Each different serif typeface will have its own distinctive style for this mark — and that’s what makes the family identifiable. 


The moods and feelings most associated with serif typefaces are classic, elegant, formal, confident and established.


Some of the most well-known serif typefaces include Palatino, Times Roman (and Times New Roman), Courier and Baskerville.


Here are examples of Serif Fonts used in fitness logos:




Sans Serif Typefaces: 


These typefaces are considered more modern and include a variety of widths and shapes.


This style of typeface lacks strokes at the ends of letters (hence sans serif).  Sans serif is thought to be more “simple” because of this lack of added detail.


Sans serif typefaces have a look that is direct and precise, although character edges may be either sharp or rounded.


The mood and feelings most associated with sans serif typefaces are modern, friendly, direct, clean and minimal.


Some of the most well-known sans serif typefaces include Arial, Futura, Impact, Myriad and Tahoma.



Here are examples of Sans Serif Fonts used in fitness logos:



Your FITNESS LOGO is the most visible and strongest symbol of your entire brand.


It is exactly what attracts potential clients and makes them STOP at your brand while scanning the web or social media for health and fitness services — among dozens that all seem the same. 


A solid Fitness Brand is what helps a prospect make a FASTER DECISION.   It also helps people to feel like they made the right purchasing decision.


The psychology of your logo is important — from the fonts, colors and shapes.  It is the symbol that represents ALL THAT YOU OFFER!


If you’d like to discuss your logo or brand design, feel free to call me directly.  LET’S TALK…


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