How to Build a Fitness Brand – Start Here…


Lately, there have been numerous blogs, Facebook posts and entire websites from fitness marketing experts on how to build a fitness brand.   


Their branding “manifestos” are filled with advice on demographics, avatars, emotional attributes, messaging, positioning, strategies and tactics, etc.  


It’s all good stuff.


Yet, I just scratch my head when I see they’ve NOT even addressed the very first step in branding.   


THE BRAND   Yes, the actual graphic image…  the LOGO!


It’s as if everyone ASSUMES all fitness professionals know how to apply their brand appropriately.  


They don’t.


It Makes Me Sad.


Nothing is more revealing about a fitness business than walking into a boutique studio or club and seeing the owner wearing a Nike T-shirt.


Right off the bat, there’s a marketing “mindset” problem coming down from the “top.”  The owner!


They Love Us…


Yes, Nike loves nothing more than to see real, certified fitness professionals wearing their brand. 


When professional fitness experts wear Nike gear, it gives Nike instant credibility and a dose of professional integrity


Not to mention a free endorsement.  Yup.  Nike supports all the fit pros who —>  Just Do It.


But, for health and fitness professionals attempting to brand their own businesses, when it comes to wearing other logos… well, how about this:  Just Don’t Do It.


Think about it.  In fact… take a look at what you’re wearing right now!


When Passion Turns Into Business


Look, I get it.  Most health professionals are schooled and certified in life sciences… not marketing. 


But, as soon as this passion turns turns into a business… then, marketing and sales absolutely must become a priority.  Period.   


There is no getting around this.


Start Here.


Seems like a simple concept… right?


Yet, today, right now, thousands upon thousands of trainers, coaches and other health professionals do NOT own one single piece of apparel (T-Shirt, hat, leggings, hoodie, sweatpants, jacket, etc.) with their own logo on it. 


Seriously, there’s no excuse for this.


Almost every single little town in America (and almost the whole world) has a little print shop that imprints T-Shirts. Yes, I’m big on supporting your local merchants.  Plus they may refer to you. 


It’s as simple as just providing them with your logo.  A good printer can use your logo in any format you present. 


If  there’s no shop in your town, then simply Google “Imprinted T-Shirts” — and a gazillion vendor options will pop-up.  


The Angry Mother!

How to Build a Fitness Brand Child

If marketing was your mother and she found out you were not performing the very first step of building your brand…. she’d scold you and then put you in “time out!”


I often feel like doing that when I see fitness business owners wearing non-branded or off-branded apparel in their own studios or clubs. 


For a marketer this is sacrilegious.


The fitness industry has become so noisy over the past few years that it’s more important than ever to develop and build your own BRAND.


But before you spend a single penny on branding workshops, mastermind meetings, coaches, gurus — and all the complexities that come with it…


—>  …make sure you’ve taken the first step in applying YOUR BRAND LOGO within your business…. starting with what you’re wearing right now!   (unless you’re in your jammies!)


If you’d like to discuss your logo or brand design, feel free to call me directly.  LET’S TALK…



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