The New Branded Fitness Habit Tracker…


Today,  I’m going to share TWO (2) things that are specifically designed for branded fitness professionals and branded health coaches who recognize the huge advantage of offering and providing credible, branded fitness content. 


1.) A FREE, simple, but very effective methodology to change or build a NEW HABIT.


2.) A “real world” example of how to keep your clients engaged with your business via INTERACTIVE BRANDED FITNESS CONTENT.




We all possess a few habits we’d like to change… or at least modify.


For your clients, it’s typically eating and exercise habits that need some work!


But, it’s NOT always so easy.


So, recently, I put a “Habit Building” system into place for myself… and here’s why.




You may… or, may not know, Gigi (my wife) and I have been caregiving my 94 year-old mother for the past 2 years in our home.


Mom is immobile, so taking care of her requires a ton of work.


And, a ton of time.


Plus Gigi and I both run our own businesses.  So, scheduling is super important…


But, just like raising kids, Mom’s requirements almost never run on OUR schedule.


As the experts say, “You can only control what you can control.”




One of the things that changed in my life was my eating habits.


Almost within a week of Mom’s arrival, my breakfast time shifted from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. and eventually settled in at 9:00-ish a.m. every day.


Maybe not a big deal for most… but, it always left me with the feeling that I was “behind” every day. It felt horrible. Even stressful.


Plus, it seemed to push everything back for the rest of the day.


So, I decided I needed to get BACK ON TRACK…


I knew I needed a “SYSTEM” — something simple that would work for me.


Well, I found a super-simple protocol that, if followed, absolutely works.


And, I guarantee it can work for your clients, too!


I just revealed this super-simple protocol and called it:


7 Effective Life Hacks to Create a New Habit 

It’s a blog post on our Demo Digital Welcome Kit: CLICK HERE..


And, … if you have your own, branded DIGITAL WELCOME KIT our team even built a “New Habit Daily Tracker” form into your website.


But, read the blog post FIRST…—> CLICK HERE..


The post explains the methodology behind building a NEW HABIT.   And, then at the bottom, click on the link to try out the “New Habit Daily Tracker”


It’s super simple and it REALLY WORKS!




The post and the interactive “New Habit Daily Tracker” form are examples of where fitness marketing is headed.


The entire concept of “CONTENT MARKETING” is to:

  • Build interactivity
  • Offer resources
  • Provide content


All of this is designed to keep your clients and prospects ENGAGED on YOUR PROPERTY…




Believe me, while social media is not dead… it is in decline —> as costs go up and active daily users decreases.


And, even Facebook groups will become “subscription platforms” in the not-so-distant future.


As my company moves forward, I’ll be developing more and more of these simple digital engagement tools.


Listen.. my true mission and goal is to keep YOU and your business ahead of the fitness marketing curve…!


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