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HEADERS:  The first thing to notice is that your logo will be on the header of every page.  And, it will be on all downloadable materials including forms, handouts and recipes.  As far as I know, we are the only web development team to provide both digital branding and physical document branding at this deep of a level.


TOP NAVIGATION DUPLICATED:  Up at the top navigation bar, you’ll see the categories.   We also duplicate those category tabs with buttons below the header image.  This ensures that your visitors know exactly how to get where they want to go to get what they want to get — whether they’re on desktop, tablet or mobile.


CALL-TO-ACTION BUTTON:  Finally, in the middle of the header graphic is a Call-to-Action button.  We can convert this button into a guest pass, a discovery call invitation or an email optin.  You tell us how you want it to function…


Now let’s visit the FORMS SUMMARY PAGE.


FORMS:  On this page you’ll see we’ve pre-built several different forms most of which you’re probably already familiar with.  But, in the FORMS TUTORIAL VIDEO.. We’ll deep dive into how these forms function, how they’re delivered, how they’ll save you a ton of time … AND, how they can serve as a qualifier for new prospects and potential clients


HANDOUTS:  OK… moving on….   This next section of content is the grouping of the informational handouts.  Since we started tracking we found this is an incredibly popular area among existing clients and prospects.  They simply click on the button and up pops your branded .pdf download.


If you want to see them all in action… just go to Digital Welcome Kit .com and click on the buttons.  They’re all functional. And, remember, all .pdf’s come branded with your logo.


SHAKES:  Now… at the SHAKES PAGE …we’re talking about real super-simple actionable content.  Here are over 30 recipes for delicious and easy to make smoothies and protein shakes.


Here again, it’s as simple as clicking or tapping on a link and up pops the recipe complete with macros — and of course, your logo on the header.   

For digital content marketing, shakes and smoothies€ make great lead magnets for your email and social media campaigns.  

And, the same goes for recipes


RECIPES:  Here again is actionable content that will bring clients and prospects back to your website over and over again —


Check out the growing list of recipes…. Where once again a simple click or tap instantly brings up a recipe with detailed instructions, macros per serving and of course… your logo in the header.  


And, here too, the recipes are great lead magnets.


BLOGS:  Finally… the news tab is an active blog that we write and update each month with a new post and accompanying images.  These topics are perfect for posting on Facebook and other social media platforms as way to attract new prospects directly to your website.


And that’s what content marketing is all about.

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