How to Create a Money Page on Your Website



You may already know that before I started Private Label Fitness, I owned and operated a very successful Weight-Management and Lifestyle consulting firm, called MediCorp, in Newport Beach, California.


One of the things that contributed to our success was the internet.


I remember how excited I was to launch my first website. It literally leveled the playing field between me and the big players like Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem.


It made me feel like a credible legitimate “player” in a field that was dominated by the faulty protocol – and deceitful marketing of restricted calorie dieting.


Yes, I was on a MISSION and my WEBSITE was a BIG MEGAPHONE to help me get my message into the marketplace.


But after that initial excitement passed, I started to wonder…


“Is my website making money…  or is it costing me money?”


Do you ever have these same thoughts.


Clearly, my first website helped my business gain credibility with potential clients as it was chock full of truthful, referenced information about how the human body functions – especially as it relates to long-term, permanent weight-management.


But, credibility only gets you so far.  While my site was attracting readers… it was NOT CONVERTING them into PAYING CLIENTS!




So, one day I sat down with the staff and asked:


“What can we do with our WEBSITE to make it MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE at CONVERTING our website visitors into ACTUAL CLIENTS.”


What are we missing…?


The Answer


Today, 20 years later, I can assure you of the ANSWER.  And, boy, if only I knew then what I know now!


So, I am going to share the ANSWER with YOU by offering (for FREE) a one-page CHEAT SHEET.


In this cheat sheet, I’m going to show you the ONE PAGE you probably don’t have.  This one page can transform your website from non-performing “pretty brochure” to a high-performance revenue generator.


I’m also going to share EXACTLY what to write on that page — and the EXACT ORDER that it should flow.