Fitness Marketing / Back-to-School


In this post, I’m going to share with you two (2) incredible marketing techniques.


And, the best way to demonstrate these techniques is to relate them to an upcoming promotion….


Like Back-to-School.




I know… I know..


You might be thinking “it’s too early!”


But it’s NOT!


LABOR DAY —> is Monday, September, 2nd.


And, it’s time to at least start THINKING about it.


That’s because MARKETING is just like FARMING:   

  • Plant the seeds  (formulate your ideas)
  • Nurture the crop (work the planning process) 
  • Harvest (execute the promotion and reap the financial reward) 


Or we can simply use the CONVEYOR BELT metaphor.


What you put on it today will reward you in 6-8 weeks (or whatever time frame you give it).  





The point is this.  Successful marketing requires FORWARD PLANNING. 


You must stay OUT IN FRONT of the CALENDAR


Ahead of the curve!


So this is a gentle reminder that it’s time for all fitness professionals to start PLANNING their BACK-TO-SCHOOL promotions.




You already know this is the time of year when parents actually gain time (kids in school).


It’s the time of year after summer where millions of people think:


“I’ve got to get back on track.”


So, right now is the time to at least be THINKING about “What” and “How” to promote your special programs and courses that begin after Labor Day.

  • Back-to-School Boot Camps
  • Back-to-School Fitness Challenges
  • Sport-Specific Training Packages (Skiing, Hockey, Basketball,)
  • Weight-Management Course   (Yes, this one!)


Don’t wait until September to start planning.

  • Plan NOW!
  • Promote and Pre-Sell through AUGUST/SEPT
  • START after LABOR DAY!





By all means… this is the time to start sending out inquiry letters, emails and phone calls to see if you can book a 1-hour Seminar or Lunch & Learn speaking engagement for after LABOR DAY.  (Check out the SEMINAR KIT…)


You see, it’s not just “Back-to-School” season. 


Many companies are getting BACK-TO-WORK after summer vacations. 


This is the time when companies, both big and small initiate all kinds of wellness programs, smoking cessation programs, etc. 


Even if they already have a wellness program in place, you should reach out. 


Many of my customers/fitness partners have presented our “Finally, the Truth About Weight-Management”  slideshow at companies with existing wellness programs… and picked-up tons of new personal training clients.   


In fact, the wellness program directors will often ENDORSE your services when they watch your presentation and recognize your credibility and professionalism.  


Seriously, if you want to beat your competitors… just get yourself out there. 


Here’s the truth:  More than 99% of all fit pros are spending a ton of time and money on social media advertising, funnel marketing and other digital outreach that simply does not work for them.   


Less than 1% are getting any real return


On the other hand, LIVE EVENTS and SEMINARS work.  Period.  They have proven themselves over and over again by attracting hot leads and delivering 50% conversion rates!   


I continue to be absolutely amazed at how many fitness professionals DON’T go out and PUBLIC SPEAK.


Sure, I know it’s scary… but when it’s proven to work 100% of the time… it’s not a gamble.   


What’s worse… overcoming your fears or potentially losing your business due to lack of sales?


Where to Speak


Here’s some ideas of where to send your letters of inquiry:  

  • Companies
  • Schools (PTA)
  • Business Groups
  • Community Organizations
  • Church Groups
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Gated Communities
  • YMCA’s
  • Community Centers
  • Police and Fire Departments
  • Municipalities (Water Dept., City Council, etc.)
  • Hospitals (especially those without bariatric services)
  • Family Medical Practices


So there it is.  These two (2) Marketing Secrets


…will turn you into a Fitness Marketing Warrior and allow you to get your “game on!”   


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