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I just received this email today.  Definitely going up on the testimonial page…

Thank you, Randy.



Hi Art


You got me in trouble this weekend at a marketing workshop I attended.  I’m not mentioning any names here cuz I never want to “bad-mouth” anybody.  But, I hope you post this on your blog for others to read. You can also use it as a testimonial or warning or whatever.


About midway through the day’s session during a Q&A session with the whole group (about 75 of us) I asked the host why he had not mentioned private label fitness as a resource for branded products.  After all this was all about MARKETING!


He stated that while PLF is a good company with a good reputation he could not guarantee the quality of the products.  And he went on to proclaim his “sponsors” made the best products and that he could stand behind them.


Right then a woman named Becky stood up and stated she’s done business with you for over 15 years and that PLF has some of highest quality products in the industry and that her products look awesome with her logo on them.


I vouched for you, too.  Then a few other guys started saying they bought branded products from you!  You’d think we worked for you with the endorsements of your products, the branding and how you personally answer your own phones and stuff.


One guy even even asked the host, “How can you call yourself a marketing expert and NOT recommend Private Label Fitness?”


It was pretty funny.   You’ll be getting some calls from some of the attendees.  You’ll probably also get a call from the host.  He’ll probably want to work out some kind of deal with you.


So, here is my advice to anyone attending a fitness marketing seminar.  If they don’t mention Private Label Fitness as a fantastic resource for branded, top quality products.. you should probably ask for your money back and run away!


Randy Pedrosian
Epic Fitness


Thanks Randy,

I’ll be sure to post this.