How to Become the Lead Dog




You get the idea. In the business world there are “followers” and there are “leaders.”


The followers simply punch the clock, do as little as possible and attempt to stay invisible.


Meanwhile, leaders seek new challenges, provide solutions and always put in the extra effort.

It’s a mindset.


This really struck me the other day when I spoke with Joe, an industry veteran and owner of a fitness facility in NJ.  Joe is a Lead Dog! His marketing creativity is just one reason. Here’s his example as well as a few others:


  • Joe already generates new profits by selling his private-label supplement line in his club.  But he didn’t simply stop at the obvious. Joe negotiated with a health food store to carry his branded line of supplements.  And, here’s the twist (value proposition). Customers who purchase Joe’s products at the health food store get a free guest pass to his club as well as a free training session. Talk about qualified leads! Brilliant!



  • Joyce Ellen is another lead dog trainer who recently used the Daily Journal as a high school fund raiser. She convinced her school board that instead of sending the students out to sell candy, cookies and other non-healthy items, they should sell the Daily Journal, with the school’s mascot on the cover. Each one was sold for $25.00 each. It was positioned as the “healthy alternative” with the her business card inside!   Joyce made money and gained more clients than she could handle.


Professional 3

  • We know  3 professional sports trainers who are selling their private-label products (Journals, Supplements and ONBOARD 101) into professional sports team training camps. This is a highly lucrative, repeat purchase market. Definitely, lead dogs! (FYI – many sports professionals endorse other products… but actually use ours for themselves!)



  • And recently, I received a huge order from a young trainer named Dennis Foley who is using all of our products under his private-label to start his own affiliate/continuity marketing programs. He’s recruiting selling fitness products online as well as attending chamber of commerce mixers, networking meetings, conducting weight-management seminars, etc., and recruiting other sales people to sell his product line. Talk bout extra effort… but it’s going to pay-off big-time!


This is the HUGE of ADVANTAGE of carrying your own line of private-label, branded fitness products. It can turn into a huge, revenue-generating business opportunity!


So, to all you Lead Dogs…. enjoy the view!

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