How to Get Referrals with a Paper Clip!


This sounds crazy.. right?


Yet, one of our customers, Roberta Sanchez, recently told me how she gets tons of referrals through the use of a paper clip!


Well… that’s the way she presented it.  Got my attention.


Here’s what she really meant…


She simply hand-writes a simple “welcome” note and then attaches it to the inside cover of the Daily Journal with a PAPER CLIP! 


This even works with her “online coaching clients” to whom she sends a physical journal for self-accountability.


Here it is:

Dear (Name).

  • Your trust and faith in me to help you achieve your goals is very meaningful to me. As such, I will give to you 100% of my expertise, knowledge and motivation. My goal is for you to get everything you want out of this partnership.


  • Please know, that while you have your expectations, I, too, have some hopes…   I hope you will either put in the effort or be willing to adjust your expectations. Your results are totally contingent upon your efforts. I will always give 100%.  It’s my life!


  • I hope you will have the courtesy to provide 24 hours notice if you can’t make our appointment together. Time is what I sell so, if you cancel, I need to fill that time.


  • Finally, my business is 100% built on referrals and word-of-mouth. If, after we spend some time together, you feel your friends, family, co-workers or others could benefit from my services, I hope you’ll refer them to me.


I can’t wait to start our journey together.



Roberta has a waiting list for her one-on-one private training clients.


And, of course, she’s trained her entire training staff how to get PAPER CLIP REFERRALS!

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