How Much are YOU Worth…?



Here’s what Rene Bradley recently told me about her
ONBOARD 101 website.


iPadTrainer_2520“Art, my doctor doesn’t know this stuff.  And, you won’t find it compiled in this format at any college or university.  This is pure gold!”


But guess what?  I didn’t do anything special.

It Started 20 Years Ago


I authored a print version of ONBOARD 101 twenty years ago because I needed something to help educate my own clients.


So, I simply went to the public library.  I moved from the Nutrition Section to the Exercise Section and extracted only the most relevant and easy-to-understand information.  And, then, tied it all together into one book.


Pretty simple, right?  I mean, a tenth grader could have done the same thing.


But listen, sometimes the gold is in the simplicity.  Making things easy to understand.  Logical.

They Like It!


Over the years I’ve received dozens of phone calls and emails from top physiologists and biochemists who have complimented me on taking such a “complicated subject” and boiling it down to the basics.   With absolutely no disrespect intended.. it’s kind of funny.


But again.  It’s the simplicity.

Why is This Important..?


Now, here’s why this story is so important.  If you’ve ever taken the FREE TRIAL of  ONBOARD 101 you probably thought to yourself, “Hell, I already know all this.”  And, you probably do.


But your CLIENTS don’t.  In fact, they know almost none of it.


It’s Even Worse Than You Think 


Not only do they NOT know this information, but they are bombarded every day with false information about weight-loss.  


The internet, television, radio and billboards all pitch quick ‘n easy weight loss through all kinds of bogus methodologies and crack-pot protocol.

How Valuable is YOUR Knowledge?


So… think about this.  I mean really stop and think about these next statements. Focus on the VALUE it places on YOU and the VALUE of YOUR KNOWLEDGE.


People are starving for credible information about weight-loss.  They truly don’t know how to sort fact from fiction.  They just want someone to “shoot straight” with them and to tell the truth.  


To provide a credible protocol to help change their bodies and then manage it for the long term. 


How much would a person pay his or her doctor for a specific protocol and plan for losing body-fat and managing their health? 


How much would tuition cost to attend a one-semester college course on weight-management and healthy lifestyle?

They Don’t Know Where to Go…


But the reality is people can NOT get this information from their doctors.  Western medical doctors rarely get more than 1 hour of nutrition while in medical school.  


People can NOT get this information from colleges or universities.


Want proof?  


Look up any college catalog for courses. You’ll find basic nutrition.  You’ll find exercise physiology.  


But you WON’T find them tied together to explain or demonstrate weight-management and positive lifestyle models.

You Are It..!


The ONLY place they can get this information is from YOU!  


Yes, you are the absolute, “go-to” person for truthful, straight-talk, credible weight-management protocol.


So what is this information worth..?  What are YOU WORTH..?


I will bet you’re worth MORE than you charge right now!!


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