The Fundamental Truth About Your Health and Fitness Business



Yes… There is a fundamental truth about the fitness business that can NOT be ignored.  Nor can technology do anything about it.


The human body and the principles of human physiology have not, and will not, change.  


Remember that picture of Jesus and  “The Last Supper?”



Our bodies process food and activity the exact same way, today, as their bodies did back then.


So even though we can put a man on the moon… or communicate instantly across the globe, the human body has NOT changed the way it works.  Period. 


Technology can NOT touch it. 


And please spare me the whole topic of steroids, performance enhancers, etc.  That’s just a “freak show” science experiment gone bad.


Bells and Whistles


So, yes, the argument can be made that technology allows us to “MANAGE” our businesses, workouts, nutrition and lifestyle. But those are just bells and whistles to the overall premise and core of our business: BODY COMPOSITION. 


Here’s Proof


Take a look around most gyms, clubs, studios and you’ll see the exact same design for a lat pull-down machine as existed more than 30 years ago.  It works… so why change it?


Look at the resurgence of body-weight resistance exercises like “push-ups.”   There’s no need to remind anybody that Pilates and Yoga have been around like… forever!  And how about exercises like walking, running, swimming, etc.


There’s no need to change the things that work.  And, they work because the human body still processes food and exercise the exact same way it has for thousands of years…!


Fitness is Job Security


Here’s the part where I want to compliment you for making such an incredibly smart decision to be a fitness professional.  I know of almost no other profession that has this much JOB SECURITY — for several reasons….


Easy Entry


First, is the fact that the actual equipment required to be in the fitness business is almost nothing – when compared to being in manufacturing, technology, food service, etc. 


And, if you don’t need the latest gadgets and gizmos, the older used gear is every bit as good as the new stuff when it comes to the actual physical affect on the human body.


And, if you’re running a boot camp….

Obesity Rates


Next, is the undeniable fact that Americans are becoming more unfit, unhealthy and fatter every single day.  Back when I started, being 30% body-fat caused us to raise our eyebrows.  Today, 30 to 40% body-fat is common!  


This means, you have an unlimited market of new customers… all the time!  Forever!  


Most industries, products and services have a “lifecycle” where they are new and grow, then plateau and eventually decline


Not fitness.  It is always relevant from the time a person is teenager until their 80’s, 90’s and beyond!   Amazing!


Free Publicity


Finally, most recently the media momentum over our nation’s health has picked up dramatically. 


There are all kinds of pending legislation over labels, super sizes, genetically modified foods, obesity, food content, food advertising, etc.  


Whether you agree with the politics or not, the nation’s declining health is hitting the news… and that’s good news for your business of helping people get fit! 


If you are a marketing savvy entrepreneur, you know you can leverage a ton of free publicity by making contact with media representatives and becoming their “source.”


So, congratulations for making such a wise decision to be involved in the business of fitness.


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