How to Become a Fitness Success Story



Back in the “day” the competitive landscape for weight-management programs and services was pretty well defined.  It basically looked like this:

  • Commercial Weight Loss Centers (Jenny Craig, Weight Watcher’s, NutriSystem)


  • Hospital Weight Loss Programs (Medifast, Optifast, etc.)


  • Magic Pills & Drinks (fen-Phen, Slimfast, Hydroxycut,  etc.


  • Fitness-based WeightManagement Programs


Now, EVERYBODY is a Weight-Loss Expert!


But that’s all changed.  Now it seems everyone (and his brother) is a weight-loss expert with some “secret formula” that guarantees quick results.


Or, “new research” that has uncovered the secret to losing belly fat.


And, then there’s Lap-Band surgery… but I’m not even going to go there…!


To make things even more pathetic… almost all weight management programs (even the credible ones) make heavy use of the internet, including FaceBook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIN, Craig’s List, blogs, websites and on and on.


So, now we have Internet Marketing Scammers participating and adding to the Weight-Loss Chaos!


Why is This So Disturbing…?


Yep… this is a much more dangerous landscape. Why? Because so many of these new weight-loss marketers know absolutely nothing about fitness.. and even less about credible, long-term weight-management.


It’s the Glitz


Here’s what the quick-fix scam artists do.   They write great sales copy. They make incredible offers. They promise unrealistic results.


They show phony before & after photos.  Fake testimonials.  They create “info products.” They sell “magic pills.”   They create weight-loss “membership sites.”  They are in it for one reason: Quick Bucks.


O.K. — I’m done with my rant.  You get the idea!


What They WON’T Do…


Do you know the ONE THING the scam artists, commercial weight-loss centers and other non-credible experts WON’T Do..?



They will NOT stand before you… eyeball-to-eyeball and tell you the truth about how your body actually functions.  Mostly, because they, themselves, don’t know.


Instead, they:

  • hide behind their websites
  • hide behind their direct mail pieces
  • hide behind their advertising
  • hide behind their false claims and play upon the emotions of the consumers


… and for good reason.  They could never stand up to the scrutiny of their products and services if someone in the audience (like me) started asking questions!


Seriously… I used to go to seminars with a pair of Skyndex calipers in my backpack — and always ask the “expert” if I could take his or her body-fat.  I was always escorted out!


Automatic “Qualifier”


Here’s how you can turn “lemons” into “lemonade!”


Several marketing researchers have shown that the type of people who purchase weight-loss products from a blog or website are not serious.  


Typically, they are looking for the quick-fix just before they attend their high school reunion, the wedding, holiday socials, etc.  Duh…! No surprise there!


So, in a way… the scam artists are like a “qualifier” for legitimate programs and services.  They “skim off” the non-serious, quick-fix type of people you don’t really want to service in the first place!


The Opportunity to STAND OUT!


Here’s another way to turn lemons into lemonade


Use the weight-loss scams as a comparison from which you STANDOUT!  It’s a huge opportunity to separate and differentiate yourself in the weight-management marketplace.


Consider how you might use these bogus scams and sites with their faulty protocol and ridiculous claims to demonstrate the difference between them and you.


  • Between lies and the truth.
  • Between fraud and credibility.


And, what better way to do it than to go where THEY DON’T DARE TO GO… in front of a LIVE AUDIENCE!


Unlike them, you have nothing to hide.  You have the truth. 


And that, in and of itself, is INCREDIBLY POWERFUL!

Stand Up, Stand Out, Be THE Market Leader!


All of this brings me to this important point.


You can leverage this opportunity and become the absolute market leader in weight-management services by simply being REAL.


By helping people understand how their bodies work.. how weight management is a lifestyle process you’ll gain new referrals, retain existing clients and generate consistent new revenues!


Get Your Message Out


The secret is to get your message out.  And, the best way to do this is to make a live presentation in front of a live audience.  Here’s how:



  • Set a Date and Create Your 45-minute presentation


  • Invite members, non-members, local media, church groups, business organizations, community groups, PTALocal Police Dpt., Fire Dpt., etc.


  • Create a 21-day promo campaign via e-mail, website, FaceBook, Twitter, postcards, posters (in-house) posters (local merchants, public billboards, telephone “hold” message, staff announcements, front desk signage


  • Send a media release to local television and radio stations (as a PSA – public service announcement – if you are offering the presentation for free.

It’s Show Time!

Some of our most successful fitness partners present this information at least once a month.  They present in their own facilities as well as at

  • health fairs
  • corporate brown-bag lunches
  • churches
  • schools
  • sports teams etc. 


In other words, you can take your presentation (the truth) on the road!


Become a “Truth Evangelist!”

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