How to Drive Traffic to Your Website

**  This same procedure can be used for any website… and can be performed for both blog posts and web pages.

Video Total Run Time: 3-minutes



Video Transcription:


Listen, whether you’re using social media, direct mail or even paid advertising… it’s crucial that all roads lead BACK to your website.




Because your website is where actual conversions take place.


In this demonstration we’re going to drive traffic with just email and social media.




Hopefully, you already have an email list and an email service provider that allows you to send bulk emails.  


But for simplicity I’m just going to do this in GMAIL …. Because it’s pretty generic and we all know what it looks like…


First, I’m going to write a simple, short and sweet email with a link.


It doesn’t need to be long.  What’s important is the “hook” and the “link.”


In this case, the hook is:  “Here are Four Fantastic Tips for Healthy Grilling!”


And, here, I’m going to lay in a paragraph that will include a link.


Now, to get the link, I’m going to go over to my Digital Welcome Kit Website.  Click on News…. And then clicking on the post I want. Now, I’m simply copying the url of the post.


Back over to my email, I could just paste the raw link right here.  But, I’ve found that click-through rates actually triple if I just cloak the link. 


Cloaking just means the actual link is hidden under an image or text. So I’ll just write CLICK HERE and use the linking tool on gmail to establish a link.  All email services provide this hyperlink tool. 


And, now you can simply send an email blast out to your entire list and I guarantee you your website traffic will significantly increase…. In fact it might double, triple and or even 5X your current traffic.


Social Media


For social media… it’s the same approach except this time we’ll add the image.


To do that, let’s go back to the published post.   And, here you can either right click or two finger tap on the image and save it to your desktop.   


Then, be sure to copy the URL of the post.


Now, head over to your Facebook account and simply drag and drop the image….  Add some text and paste the link.  


And, by the way, you can always make it more personal by adding your own image to the post.  Again just drag and drop or upload from your phone…


All social media platforms basically work in the same manner. 




So… in summary… as social media platforms become less effective and more expensive…. Driving traffic to your Digital Welcome Kit website is just smart marketing


It provides a non-distracting home base for both clients and prospects to find:

  • Actionable Content
  • To Learn More about you and your services
  • And, to convert into paying clients.


I hope you find this helpful.


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