The Missing Link Of Your Business


With the exception of a few… almost all clubs, studios, indoor boot camps and other fitness venues seem to miss one of the most basic, primary elements of marketing. 


Here It Is..


Over the the years I’ve visited hundreds of fitness facilities. 


And in each case there were signs and banners with the company name and logo either above the entrance or out front or both. 


BUT…. once I walked through the front door all brandingall logo imprinting all company identity were gone! 

  • No logos    
  • No branding
  • No nothing….anywhere  


Here’s what is even more frustrating.  Many of the facilities spent “big money” on sales and marketing consulting firms.  Some studio owners attended mastermind meetings that cost over $2,000. 


When I asked if any of the consultants or marketing gurus mentioned in-house branding or logo imprinting within their facilities the answer was NO.  I mean not even a mention!


Instead, they were up-sold into new programs including social media programs, conversion systems, telephone scripts and all the rest.

This is Outrageous!


When you consider how inexpensive it is to create banners, window clings, posters or murals for your walls… its just a crime that so many excellent fitness entrepreneurs are missing a key element of Marketing 101.


What’s the Big Deal..?


So why is this such a big deal? 


Well for starters, let’s begin with the premise that word-of-mouth resulting in referrals is often considered the most effective (and least expensive) tactic to gain new members and clients


If that’s true, then it’s absolutely essential for YOU as a success-minded fitness professional to constantly and consistently “pound” YOUR BRAND into the consciousness of your current clients and members.


Doing this is what’s known as creating “impressions.”


For example, if you hang 2 huge banners with your logo in your facility and 10 people view both banners you’ve created 20 impressions.

2 (banners)  x 10 (views) = 20 impressions.


O.K., so if you do just a little bit of math and think about having 10 to 20 big logos inside your facility (depending on size) and anywhere from 20 to 1,000 members/clients each day… and multiply that by 3-5 days a week or more….  you can see the impressions really add up!


Over the course of year it’s easy to generate 1,000,000 impressions — in even the smallest facility!


What Good are Impressions?


Impressions are what keep your brand and business in “top-of-mind awareness” among your clients and members.


Maintaining this high level of awareness is what drives word-of-mouth that result in referrals.


Impressions is what drives and increases awareness of your business throughout the community, too.


Creating impressions is exactly why advertisers pay the big bucks on T.V.  They are creating millions of viewer impressions all at once.


But Wait, My Consultant Said..!


Yes, I know your consultant told you to only focus on “response strategies and tactics” and to not waste a single nickel on any kind of branding. 


And, for the most part he or she is right.  I do NOT advocate “image advertising” of any kind.  I totally agree with “response advertising.


But LISTEN… inside  your own club is NOT advertising!  It’s YOUR SPACE!  It YOUR TIME!  It’s your ONE OPPORTUNITY to create a huge IMPRESSION on dozens, maybe hundreds of people every day!


And… once it’s done, it’s DONE!

Think About This..

If I’m “Art’s Fitness Center” and my member just completed a workout… and is full of endorphins, oxygen and elevated blood flow… feeling on-top-of-the-world…. then, the final thing I want him or her to see (imprint on his/her brain) upon exit is MY LOGO!


I want that member to associate “feeling fantastic” with my BRAND… my BUSINESS! 


And, when his or her friends ask about the new healthy look.. I want “Art’s Fitness Center” to come flying out of my member’s mouth!

 Okay, Open Your Eyes!


So, now take a look around your facility.  What do you see?  Or should I ask..“What is it you don’t see…?”


Here are a couple of thoughts…

  • See if any of your members or clients can paint a mural of your logo on your walls (trade out)
  • Did you know you can even get 72″x 48″posters created for about $150?  Check out your local Kinkos, Staples or print shop.  Or call me.



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