Stupid Idea that Works!

I’m pretty clear on most things “Marketing and Sales.” After all I’ve been at this game for more than 40 years  —  and the last 30 years running one of the most successful “micro-branding” businesses in the country.


So, when one of our customers came to me with this idea… I told him it was just plain STUPID. I gave him one of my “half-hour lectures” on why his STUPID IDEA would not work.


I gave him at least 10 different reasons why he should not pursue this STUPID IDEA! — But he wanted to do it, anyway —  and he wanted my help!


I begrudgingly agreed.


I am now “eating crow!” It shouldn’t work. But it does!  This 2,300 sq. ft. training studio now generates an extra $3,700 per month$44,400 per year… by doing almost nothing!


Well, I was so impressed that I asked if I could share his “STUPID IDEA” with you.


Here’s the Idea..!


Because he didn’t want to capitalize an inventory, the “stupid” idea was to build an ongoing nutritional supplement business (revenue stream) by creating nothing more than an:

ORDER SHEET”  (.pdf )

[ If you order private-label nutritional formulations I’d be happy to create this order sheet with YOUR LOGO and send to you.  Contact me: ]


Copies of the ORDER SHEET were made and attached to 8 different clipboards throughout the facility.


This allowed clients to tear-off a sheet and choose their products, calculate the costs and place the order for his branded line of exclusive nutritional formulas.


He also took payment-in-full for the supplements in advance (before even ordering from us!)… thus making sure he was running positive cash flow.


He made it clear via signage, conversation, website and email that all supplement orders would be placed every Friday at 2:00 p.m.




At first the ordering was slow. His first order barely hit the $250 private-label requirement.  However, within just a few weeks, we were receiving orders of $300… then $450 and $500 EVERY WEEK!


Guess What Happened Next..?


After a few months, the order sheets began to run out more quickly than normal.  Why? 


Clients were tearing off numerous order sheets and taking them home.  Later we found out that they were taking them home so that family members, friends and co-workers could fill out order sheets – for themselves.


The rest is history.  He was right.  I was wrong.  He’s developed a new revenue stream with the ORDER SHEET.  According to this studio owner… printing the ORDER SHEET is like printing money!


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