How Do You Know if You’ve Got What It Takes…?


When I was 22 years old, a friend of mine named Tommy Jordan, who was just a few years older, got a job in sales at a Jack LaLanne’s European Health Spa


I laughed because he was so shy.  I mean downright timid!


Within two years he was running the place and earning 4X as much money as me. 


I asked him how he did it — and, if he thought I could do it, too.


He said this.. “You’ve got what it takes.  You just have to believe in yourself and then EXECUTE!”


That’s what it’s really all about, isn’t it?  The confidence to EXECUTE. 


Successful Programming = EXECUTION


Listen, when it comes to physical performance, weight-management and overall health the fitness industry is the ONLY place people can go to get REAL information and SUCCESSFUL protocol.  


But most fit pros fail to EXECUTE.


Think about this:

What exactly is real and credible weight-management protocol?    


It’s Proper nutrition and Productive exerciseright?   Now, just add to that… your Positive motivation and you’ve got the whole system (3Ps).


Now tell me.  Isn’t this what you are already doing?  Aren’t you already running a “real” weight-management program without actually labeling it as weight-management?


So, there it is.  You have what it takes to double your sales.  To significantly increase retention.  To gain an incredible number of new referrals.   You just need to E _ _ _ _ _ _ !